Advanced Link Building Tips For 2014

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June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Advanced Link Building Tips For 2014

The importance of quality backlinks has been discussed far more than ever after the Google Penguin update. Internet marketers always knew that having a high number of quality backlinks is very important for successful SEO and higher rankings on search results. In fact, the top search results for any keyword almost always show websites with the highest number and quality of backlinks.

However, after the latest Google Penguin update, called Penguin 2.1, many websites that actually have a large number of backlinks have been banned. This has raised the discussion of the importance of naturally built quality backlinks. In this article, we are going to join the current discussion to clarify how you can earn quality backlinks naturally, keep your linkbuilding strategy and SEO Penguin friendly and measure the success of your link building strategies.

Build Relationship with Bloggers to Acquire Quality Backlinks Naturally

If you are still using keyword targeting and exact-match anchor text excessively or fully automated link building strategies, your website is in danger of being dropped in the search rankings if it hasn’t been dropped yet. What you need to do is first stop using those strategies; instead, focus on gaining high authority backlinks naturally through blogger outreach.

To be successful in building relationships with bloggers, you need to plan your strategy and determine the necessary steps. First of all, you need to group the types of links you can get, determine which sites you can get those backlinks from and consider the different approaches you need to use for each group. The following is a brief explanation of the different levels of backlinks and the strategies you should use to build relationships with the bloggers on each level.

1) High Level Backlink Sites: Google loves it if you can succeed in getting backlinks naturally from high level backlink sites. What you should do is to build a relationship with these sites, follow them on social networks, re-share their posts or tweets and comment on their posts on social media or their blogs and send your positive comments by email. Your goal should be to convince them that their link to your site will create value not only for you but also for them.

2) Mid-Level Backlink Sites: These sites are usually easier to make contact with. However, you should still spend some effort to build relationships with the bloggers to acquire backlinks from them. The best strategy here is to show them that your comprehensive content, the tools, the videos series and maybe the active forum you provide on your site can create high value for them.

3) Low-level Backlink Sites: Compare to previous levels, low level backlink sites respond quicker, and their expectations may be lower. However, you still need to focus on creating value for them since this focus affects the entire value creation of your site and can make Google like your site.

Keep Your Linkbuilding Strategy and SEO “Penguin” Friendly

Google has been crediting social signals more than ever. Therefore, you should share all your new posts and updated content on social sites, especially on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. When you share your new or updated content, your fans, followers or friends will “like,” “retweet,” or “ +1” your sharing and create natural traffic to your website or blog which is one of the situations Google likes a lot, especially after the Penguin update.

Also, you should send backlinks to your inner-pages and blog posts. Obviously, your homepage is very important, but if your backlinks are pointing heavily to the homepage, Google gets suspicious that something unnatural is going on.

Internal links are very important for Google too. That’s why you need to make sure that the right keywords link internally to the right pages. This can be accomplished by using something like the SEO Smart Links plugin very easily and successfully.

In addition, you need to diversify your anchor texts to prove to Google that you aren’t trying to force it to get a high rank for a specific keyword. Instead, you’re simply pointing your traffic in the right direction.

Most importantly, prioritize “quality” over any other specification for your content and backlinks. Simply, you have to provide value with your content, keep your users engaged and build trustworthy backlinks. This is the simple formula of what Google expects from your website or blog.

Measure the Success of Your Link Building Strategy

After you started building your backlinks, you need to measure the success of those backlinks to see if they are helping your overall objectives. More clearly, you need to find out how much your traffic has increased, what percentage of your traffic is coming from the referrer sites, what marketing objectives have been achieved, how the link building strategy affected your search rankings for your top keywords and how many targeted and non- targeted sites linked to you.

By considering these important metrics, you need to decide if your backlinking efforts turned into successful results or not. Then, you can improve your success by repeating the successful practices. During the entire measurement process, you can use Google Analytics to get rid of the guess work and make the right decisions.

Doing link building for a business that offer little “bloggable” content on their website can be extremely hard and any and all help is needed for it to succeed. To have people linking naturally to your website, you will have to start thinking outside the “industry box” and introduce your client to the benefits of content creation, possibly outside of your industry.

Ben Sawyer here presented some of his greatest link building tips for small business websites, based on his experience while he was doing an intensive online campaign for one New York candle ecommerce website.