Bough Digital Launches New Client Login Section

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June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Bough Digital Launches New Client Login Section

Bough Digital is delighted to announce the successful launch of a new client login section, which we have developed in order to bring greater levels of transparency to our clients in everything we do, as well as increase communication channels between our global client portfolio and the SEO account managers in our offices.

By taking the time to understand exactly what it is our clients want from us on an on-going basis during our working relationship, we have been able to develop this client dashboard so it includes a range of data-rich, informative features, which also includes exclusive content for our clients.

What Bough Digital’s Client Dashboard Does

Our new client dashboard means all information related to clients’ SEO strategies and the marketing work carried out by ourselves can be analyzed at the touch of a button. Clients no longer need to send us an email, call us, or come into the office to speak to us. Nor do they need to wait for their SEO strategy update report at the end of the month. All of the data and information clients require whether it is how many backlinks their pages have earned in a specified period, or how their competitors are performing against them in terms of keyword search, is available for them to use at their leisure.

If clients have any questions about using the new section and dashboard features, or any of the data and information within these, they can get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss any queries they may have.

The Inspiration Behind It

Clear communication and two-way feedback is critical for any SEO professional, whether they’re a full-service agency such as ourselves, or a freelancer working from a small home office.

The ideas behind the development of the new Bough Digital client section have been inspired by many years of client-side experience. More specifically, the ways in which these experiences have taught us which information is important to clients has helped us to bring together this powerful new tool. Our new client section brings together everything in one place, answering any client questions as soon as they ask them.

We also understand how important it is to clients to view the progress of an SEO campaign, and so we’ve installed a feature that enables work to be viewed as one on-going timeline, as separate sub-sections, or within a specified timeframe.

Key Features

We’re immensely proud that we’ve been able to bring together a wide range of features and incorporate them into our client login section, and have provided a summary of these below.

External Links

We’re now able to show clients how many links are being built pointing to their site in real-time, and where these links have been built or earned.

Keyword Tools

Our clients can now view their own keyword data and rankings for their website for each. In addition, our clients can now conduct fast competitor analysis of keywords to understand what their competitors are doing well, as well as view any opportunities that we’re looking to maximize on their behalf. We’re also able to show clients detailed keyword analysis across their entire industry, and a breakdown of the value of individual keywords in terms of cost-per-click (CPC).

On Page Optimisation

While we carry out a full technical audit of all our clients’ websites prior to getting started on an SEO campaign, this section enables us to feedback any further potential improvements we identify during our on-going relationship. These changes might relate to different keywords that can be used within page titles or meta descriptions, for example, while we’ll also share how site performance has been influenced because of Google Panda or Google Penguin algorithm updates.

We will also use this section to provide competitor analysis of on-site optimisation and technical audits, meaning clients can understand exactly how they’re gaining a competitive edge by working with Bough Digital and how we’re able to deliver consistent results.

Timeline Function

Our implementation of a timeline function is crucial for showing clients real-time progress of the work we’re doing on their behalf. We believe this level of transparency is critical so we can always show what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and the impact our efforts is having on client visibility, traffic, and revenues.

The timeline filter function allows clients to look at specific aspects of their campaign, based around the other key features we have included.

Project Management

We have also included a project management suite within our new client section. This allows us to upload and share documents with clients, and them with us, through a secure workplace platform. Here, we will also be sharing a vast knowledge bank of exclusive articles, blogs, features, and industry news aimed specifically at our clients.

Meeting SEO Industry Challenges

We all know that the search industry is a challenging one. Agencies such as ourselves and other reputable SEO services providers have been hampered by those performing black hat SEO who have then given the entire industry a bad reputation.

Launching our new client platform means we’re able to be 100% transparent in everything we do on behalf of our clients, and we hope this commitment to transparency throughout our services will serve to rebuild client confidence in the whole search industry.