Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending 16th November

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June 11, 2019
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June 11, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending 16th November

Welcome once again to our weekly run down of the hottest blogs and news to hit the digital marketing industry this week, as chosen by the team here at Bough Digital. We get started with Managing Director Robert Reeve.

Google Hummingbird’s Impact on the Legal Profession
Google Hummingbird has affected different people in different ways; Robert’s article of the week looks at how legal firms might come into Google’s sights because of their recent algorithm upgrade.

What Robert Says

“I personally think that these articles are not becoming more prevalent in the industry, but it is basically reiterating what high-quality SEO’s and companies have been doing for years. It is just another step to Google nailing spammers and using personal profiles as a way to target Facebook’s market share with their Google+ social network. This will also cause everyone to focus towards implementing on their website, which will be a big aspect of search in 2014, although it has been around for a while already.”

One Keyword Focus Will Kill Your Website

SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn has chosen a brilliant article from Search Engine Watch that looks at the dangers facing those websites who focus on only one keyword. Despite there being many blogs, articles, and resources online that talk about the importance of focusing on individual pages, this is still a widespread practice.

What Saleem Says

“A great article on the issues with targeting one commercial keyword for traffic and conversion gain which can affect your own or a client’s website if you are an SEO agency. This is an area which Bough Digital are looking to improve for client’s websites by diversifying their keyword-portfolio which will provide traffic and conversion stability over a number of keyword terms instead of relying on just one query.”

Google Penguin and the Long Road to Recovery

There is no other way to describe the process you need to take if Google Penguin catches up to you other than as a long road to recovery, and SEO Account Manager Jack Withey has found this Search Engine Journal article that details exactly what that looks like.

What Jack Says

“The latest Google Penguin update has either been a revelation for your website or potentially hit you hard. Recovering from Penguin can be a long, stressful process but this article gives some great tips of how to recover and start ranking well.

What Will Google Ads Look Like in 2014?

We finish this week with head of content Karl Tippins, who points us to eConsultancy and an article looking at the evolution of Google ads, and what we can expect them to look like in 2014.

What Karl Says

“Although Google are having to do more to highlight ads following the EU anti-trust ruling from earlier in 2013, we also know that the new reality of 100% keyword (not provided) is likely to increase spending on Google ads. This is a subject that anyone with a digital marketing interest needs to be aware of, as it is debateable how much an internet user actually cares about whether something is an ad when they’re looking for the best deal.”

That concludes our look at the top news and blogs from around the digital marketing industry over the last week. Head back next Friday when we will once again share our thoughts on what we’ve been reading.