Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending December 7

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Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending December 7

Welcome to our weekly review of the best articles, blogs, and news stories from across the digital marketing industry. As we’re now in December, SEO’s and anyone invested in digital marketing should have a good idea of what their strategy is going to be in these areas moving into the early part of 2014. Have the blogs we’ve been reading this week got any bearing on what you need to do?

Head of Content Karl Tippins gets us started this week.

Mobile Crawling Errors Now Viewable in Google Webmaster Tools

Karl brings us an article featured on Search Engine Watch that looks at the latest Google Webmaster Tools feature: highlighting crawl errors experienced by Googlebot-Mobilebot when on your website. The post highlights exactly what you can look for in Google Webmaster Tools to ensure you are giving mobile users the same experience as desktop ones, as well as keeping any mobile SEO activities as strong as possible.

What Karl Says

“Given the level of attention that is placed on optimising for mobile, whether in terms of conducting mobile keyword research or using a trend like responsive web design, it is surprising this hasn’t been implemented sooner. This development is great news for businesses turning their focus increasingly to mobile and will ensure they are achieving maximum returns from their time and financial investment into these platforms.”

Content Stitching Will Get You Nowhere

SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn has picked out another article featured on Search Engine Watch this week, this one looking at a Matt Cutts video answer where he explains that using content from multiple sites and then “stitching” it together to create a piece of content that looks original is likely to see you penalised.

What Saleem Says

“This article provides an great insight by Matt Cutts on why trying to create a piece of content from various articles is not recommended. As Google have mentioned repeatedly they want websites to create content that provides value to their audience and using this method – called “stitching” by Yahoo – fails to do this.”

A Faster Website Will Boost Conversion Rates

Our final “Best of” this week comes from SEO Account Manager Jack Withey, who has chosen an article from Moz that analyses how website speed can have a dramatic impact on conversion rates. A must read for anyone who doesn’t understand the link between web hosting, site design, and SEO!

What Jack Says

“Website users are demanding information quicker than ever before, and no longer have the patience for websites to load slowly, which can really affect a sites’ performance. This post shows you how to make your site faster and get those conversions you deserve.”

That concludes our look at the best digital marketing blogs and articles from the last week as chosen by the team here at Bough Digital. Head back next Friday to see what we’ve been reading!