Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending January 25th

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June 11, 2019
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June 11, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending January 25th

Welcome back to our weekly run down of the best blogs and articles from around the digital marketing industry.

SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn gets us started this week.

Google Don’t Use Social Signals

One of the big assumptions across the digital marketing industry in recent years has been that social media matters when it comes to SEO. In this Search Engine Land article, Google’s Matt Cutts states, not for the first time, that social signals aren’t part of the algorithm at all. In answering the question he was asked he addressed Twitter and Facebook, having previously downplayed the significance of Google +1s.

What Saleem Says

“A good insight into whether social media plays a role as a ranking factor for websites in the search engine result pages. According to Matt Cutts, these platforms are not part of the search algorithms; however I think these platforms can still play a part in brand awareness and driving visitors to a website.”

Is Guest Blogging Dying a Death?

Jack has gone for a piece from Search Engine Journal that looks at the changing face of guest posting from an SEO perspective. The article follows the now accepted wisdom that guest posting for links isn’t going to achieve anything, and that there needs to be a continued focus on delivering high quality editorial content that drives traffic and brand awareness.

What Jack Says

“There have been many rumours flying around that guest posting will soon be a link building tactic of the past. This article outlines the link building tactics you should definitely avoid and which ones you need to concentrate on to improve SEO.”

The End of Facebook

Rather than pick out an article from a digital marketing site, this week Karl has gone from a prominent story featured on numerous news outlets – link to the story on Sky News here – that predicts that Facebook could lose as many as 80% of its current users by 2017.

What Karl Says

“In a world where we’re constantly reminded of the importance of social media, stories like this and the research that drives them are something that everyone in the digital marketing industry should be aware of. Although sites like MySpace came before the modern day digital marketing boom, the speed with which this site and others dropped out of popularity proves we all need to be ready to move your strategies on to the next big thing. That said, the chances are that Facebook, even if it does end up with significantly less users than it has today, will still remain a rich landscape for digital marketers.”