Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending July 12th

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Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending July 12th

Welcome again to Bough Digital’s selection of the best content from across the digital marketing industry in the last week. Senior SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn gets us started this week with his favourite piece of content.

Implementing the SEO Quality Gate
Saleem has chosen a Search Engine Watch article titled Implementing the SEO Quality Gate, an informative piece that will help anyone looking to make the most of their content strategy and ensure that the phrase “content is king” holds true for their website.

Saleem’s View
“A great article that highlights the importance of implementing an SEO quality check within the content-creation strategy. With many businesses and brands now creating more content as a marketing tool to attract new customers and improve their website performance within the search-engines, many overlook the importance of ensuring the content optimised for SEO e.g. keyword phrases, authorship, and meta data. Having an SEO quality check within the content-creation process will ensure that the content will be ready for search, social-media and content promotion.”

7 Small Business SEO Tips
Managing Director Robert Reeve has gone for a contribution to the Huffington Post this week, that looks at 7 Small Business SEO Tips collated from individuals across the industry.

Robert’s View
“A great article to highlight a few of the important SEO factors in 2014, a very succinct list. However, through experience the main barriers for small businesses is resources, whether staff or monetary. Elements such as, giving away valuable information, time for quality link-building, and increased content is something that needs to be balanced within small businesses. My view is that Google’s algorithms are getting better, but it’s at the expense of smaller businesses. Just look at some search queries such as “Wall Art”; there is only one specialist wall art business in the top 20 results, the others are national brands.”

Why Link Earning is Easy
My favourite piece of content this week comes from the excellent SEO Theory, an article that challenges the notion that link earning is difficult and looks at how anyone engaged with digital marketing and specifically link building can adopt their strategy in order to earn links.

My View
“SEO Theory is always a great site for getting a different perspective on the SEO industry, and once again Michael Martinez provides ample food for thought for anyone slogging away doing the same as everyone else and wondering why they don’t see results. This piece will challenge anyone engaged in digital marketing or specific aspects of digital marketing to go away, look at what they are doing, and undertake a really honest assessment of why they aren’t getting the results they’d like.”

Mobile Usage Now Exceeds PC Usage
Digital Marketing Assistant Joaquin Gomez has chosen a Search Engine Watch article that looks at how internet usage on mobile devices passed desktop and laptop PC’s for the same time earlier this year.

Joaquin’s View
“I think this is a very intersting article for digital marketers. The study reveals that people spend more time browsing the internet with mobile devices than ever before, to the extent that desktop use has now been exceeded. This gives a clear message that the times are changing and that all digital marketers need to adapt to the new business landscape by creating responsive or mobile sites and even looking at how things like mobile apps can be used as part of a marketing strategy.”

That concludes this week’s look at the best content from across the digital marketing spectrum. Get in touch using the comments box below, through our social media accounts, or via our contact us page to share your own thoughts on this week’s choices and to tell us about your favourite pieces of content that you’ve been reading.

See you next week!