Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending June 14th

How to Self-Assess Your Digital Marketing Success
June 4, 2019
Matt Cutts Confirms Payday Loan 3.0 Algorithm Rolls Out This Week
June 4, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending June 14th

Welcome again to Bough Digital’s Blog of the Week feature, where the team here at Bough Digital pick the best blogs, articles, and resources that we’ve been reading from across the digital marketing industry in the past seven days.

Managing Director Robert Reeve gets us started this week.

Long Term is the Only Way in SEO
Robert has picked out an article featured in the UK Guardian’s Media Network, which looks at the fact many digital marketers that were previously looking for SEO shortcuts simply need to knuckle down and commit for the long term.

Robert’s View
“This is an extremely good and authoritative article explaining SEO and the processes that are now required for long-term success. SEO has always been an industry that should be built for the longer-term, but there are still so many websites, people, and experts that think search engine optimisation is going to drive instant results. Trying to change this perception is one of the toughest challenges in the SEO industry today.”

Why Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design
Senior SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn has picked out a Search Engine Journal piece exploring why businesses need to be adopting responsive web design. In reality, responsive design should have been adopted around early 2013 and perhaps even earlier if businesses really wanted to get ahead, but pieces like this serve as useful reminders for anyone still lagging behind.

Saleem’s View
“A great article on the importance of responsive web design for businesses today. With the internet providing many opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs to make a living, many of their websites may not be providing an ideal browsing experience for visitors using mobile devices. As the article highlights, mobile devices were responsible for 30 percent of traffic [in 2013], and will continue to grow with the rise in popularity and growing use of mobile devices. E-commerce websites that decide not to tailor their sites for mobile visitors are missing a great opportunity to generate more revenue for their business.

Payday Loan Update 3.0
Digital Marketing Assistant Joaquin Gomez has chosen a short summary on Search Engine Land that looks at Matt Cutts’ announcement of Google’s latest update to the payday loan algorithm, which has come hot on the heels of the last update, which accompanied last month’s Google Panda 4.0 update.

Joaquin’s View
All websites working on SEO, in addition to digital marketing agencies and anyone else working online, needs to be aware of this new Google update. It will launch during the next week, potentially starting tomorrow, June 13th. This new update to the payday loan algorithm will target spammy queries. To summarise, we all have to be aware of this new update and how it affects our business.

How to Maximise Your Social Presence
For my pick of the week I’ve chosen this Metro article that we used as a basis for a blog post here at Bough Digital, which you can read here. The article looks in general at the ways people influence and are influenced by the world and those around them, with three points that can be taken straight into the digital marketing world.

My View
“Despite there being a convincing body of evidence suggesting that social media should be a ‘must do’ for businesses, many still think it’s a waste of time and aren’t prepared to give it a try or even reconsider their assessment. Ultimately, those that continue to shun social media as a potential business opportunity and as a digital marketing tool will, at best, perform worse than their competition, and at worst could see their whole business put at risk. The latter scenario will ultimately prove a high price to pay for what essentially boils down to stubbornness and ignorance.”

That concludes this week’s run down of the best digital marketing resources the team here at Bough Digital has been reading. Check out our other resources as well as our set of free online SEO tools, use the comments section below to tell us what your favourite article of the last week has been, or contact us now to ask about our products and services, and discover how we can help your business.