Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending June 28th

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June 4, 2019
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Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending June 28th

Welcome once again to a selection of the hottest content from across the digital marketing spectrum in the last week, as chosen by the team here at Bough Digital.

Senior SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn gets us started this week.

Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses
Saleem has chosen an article from Social Media Today that outlines five social media strategy points for small businesses.

Saleem’s View
“A great article that provides some helpful tips for small businesses who want to implement a social media strategy. Trying to gain and build a presence within social media can be daunting task, especially when businesses and individuals are trying to attract an audience. There are however some simple straightforward techniques that can be implemented which can kick off your social media ventures and give them the best possible start.”

Non-Sponsors see more Shares from World Cup Ads
Digital Marketing Assistant Joaquin Gomez has chosen an article and infographic featured on the eConsultancy website, which looks at the online adverts posted during the World Cup that have garnered the most shares. The data is intriguing, and suggests that the world may be suffering from brand fatigue in more than a handful of cases!

Joaquin’s View
“With the end of the first round of the World Cup, I think that it is a great idea to take a look at the marketing stats that we already have. One interesting thing that we can learn is that official sponsors don’t have as many social shares as non-official sponsors, despite of producing near twice the ads than the others.

“Furthermore, the top-3 most shared brands during the World Cup weren’t official sponsors (Activia, Nike and Beats). With all this information, marketers can learn that they can beat big companies with just a little extra creativity.”

Google Announces the End of Author Photos in Search
My favourite read this week is definitely Moz’s analysis of Google’s announcement that author photos are to be phased out of the search results.

My View
“This development from Google, although not entirely unpredictable, is sure to put the cat amongst the pigeons so far as Google Authorship is concerned. It would be fair to say that many people that had set up Google Authorship in the first place had only done so for the vanity of seeing their faces appearing on page one or elsewhere in the search results. One can then assume that some will mistakenly take this as the end of Google Authorship and stop using authorship markup. The key to success will be to continue using Google Authorship and continue to use Google+ to grow your network and build your authority in your industry.”

That brings to an end our look at our favourite posts from across the digital marketing spectrum in the last week. What were your favourite reads, do you have any extra ideas that small businesses can exploit for social media purposes, and what is your take on Google Authorship?

Get in touch using the comments form below, via our contact us page, or through one of our social media accounts and let us know what you’ve been reading over the last seven days.