Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending November 30th

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June 11, 2019
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June 11, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending November 30th

What are the best blog posts as chosen by the team here at Bough Digital over the last seven days? We get started this week with SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn.

Using Images for Link Building

Saleem has chosen a Search Engine Watch article as his must read post for this week. The post looks at the growing popularity of images online – as a content marketing tool they’ve even surpassed infographics in terms of influence – and how they can be used to supercharge a link building campaign into 2014 and beyond.

What Saleem Says

“A great article that provides information on why images should be used more throughout link-building campaigns for clients as well as by businesses doing their own SEO. Within link-building campaigns, text-based content is the main medium provided to websites, however statistics show that a piece of content can get well over 90% more views with images embedded – or even if an image is the primary piece of content – as highlighted within the article.”

Domino’s Pizza Launch New Content for SEO

Managing Director Robert Reeve was obviously hungry at some point this week, as he’s been reading up on how Domino’s Pizza have launched their own content marketing strategy. To see the results you can head over to the Domino’s blog to see the content they’ve created already.

What Robert Says

“It’s refreshing to see the true value and potential of digital marketing is increasingly being understood and utilised by large, traditionally offline, companies. Whether Domino’s’ strategy will turn in to extra pizza orders will be interesting to discover. It will be really interesting to see the brand positioning used by Domino’s on this content.”

How to Use YouTube Effectively

Head of Content Karl Tippins has picked an article from Tech Magnate that explores how businesses can use YouTube for business promotion. There are 15 tips in all that will help businesses set themselves up for building more and more video content into their digital marketing in 2014.

What Karl Says

“With video marketing spend set to be the biggest growth sector within the content marketing bubble, finding out about YouTube best practice and optimisation, tips that they can then transfer to videos elsewhere and, importantly, on their own site, is something that everyone serious about content marketing should be looking to do.”

That concludes our review of the best blog posts from around the digital marketing industry. What are your views on the posts and points raised by our team; is there anything important you feel we’ve missed?