Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending November 9th

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June 11, 2019
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June 11, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending November 9th

Welcome once more to our weekly review of the best blogs and articles that have been published across the digital marketing spectrum in the last week. As noted in last week’s review, much of the content published related to the industry is starting to look ahead to the New Year. On that note, we move straight into our first blog of the week, from SEO Account Manager Jack Withey.

2014 SEO Playbook

Every year, respected industry voice Tom Schmitz publishes an ‘SEO Playbook’ that helps those within the industry and anyone focused on digital marketing to get set for the year ahead. Tom focus on recent algorithm changes to give an idea of that to expect in the future. The first part of the 2014 SEO Playbook can be read here.

What Jack Says

“This article gives a good insight into what the SEO industry can expect in 2014. This benefits the SEO industry as it gives an idea of what algorithm changes we should expect and how to adjust our strategies accordingly to ensure SEO success.”

Be the Result that Google Wants to Rank

SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn has picked out an article at Moz that looks at what website owners can do to make their pages the ones Google wants to rank. The article is an excellent resource for anyone getting started with SEO, as well as for jaded SEO professionals who might have lost sight of what they should be doing.

What Saleem Says

“This is a great article that shows how SEO professionals should try and improve client’s websites for human visitors instead of search engines. The article also provides a good comparison of some white hat strategies in 2010 and how they should be implemented in the current day, ideal for those who have not moved with the times when it comes to SEO. That is not to say that previous white hat strategies should be ignored entirely, but that they should instead be used alongside processes that focus more on the visiting audience, which is something Google are increasingly looking at.”

Effective Email Marketing

Head of Content Karl Tippins has chosen a research page at Marketing Charts as his featured post for this week. The article explores how marketers use email marketing, and also gives an interesting comparison of how effective certain strategies are perceived to be against how many marketers actually use them.

What Karl Says

“Although email marketing has been around for years, it is still evolving and offering new opportunities to raise awareness of a business, especially with mobile internet usage continuing to grow. The most interesting feature of this research is how many marketers believe something to be effective but do not actually do it themselves; a subtle reminder to us all that practicing what we preach is of huge importance!”

That is it for our best blogs and articles of this week. Have we missed anything important or stumbled upon something you have found especially useful? Let us know what you think, and head back next week when we will once again look at the leading stories and opinions from around the digital marketing industry.