Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending October 19th

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June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending October 19th

Welcome once again to our weekly run down of the hottest news and opinion from across the digital marketing spectrum. After a few weeks filled with Google algorithm updates, what has our team managed to dig out following seven days that have been relatively quiet on the SEO front?

Google Targets SEO Cowboys

Robert kicks us off this week with a subject that is naturally very close to his heart. Robert has long been frustrated at the bad reputation the SEO industry has, as you can see for yourself in this interview, so is always delighted whenever there is news about Google taking action to deal with SEO shortcut merchants, whether this is in terms of targeting spam networks or new algorithms such as Panda and Penguin.

The post that has heartened Robert this week is actually from September of this year, and is written by Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO. The post explores a short study conducted by Dan that he carried out after the launch of Google Penguin 2.0, discussing how and why it is now difficult to jump to the top of the search rankings with little to no effort.

What Robert Says

“Finally, Google might be actually working out that these SEO cowboys exist and hopefully continuing this action will hurt these cowboys once and for all. This will then increase the value of the SEO industry, which is great news.”

Guest Blogging without Looking Like a Spammer

Saleem has picked out an article about Matt Cutts’ latest video blog, which explains how you can guest blog without looking like you are simply trying to build links, rather than add value to the internet, and therefore being seen as a spammer. While comments on this article and others related to Cutts’ video hold the usual “how can we trust what he is saying” connotations, the advice is definitely of value given the terror many people feel when it comes to guest posting as a result of Google Penguin.

It is worth remembering that Google encourages link building, you just need to be careful that you are doing it in the right way.

What Saleem Says

“This article provides useful guidance from Matt Cutts which should help webmasters and SEOs to appear less spammy when conducting guest blogging as part of a link building campaign.”

Matt Cutts’ Opinion on Search vs. Social

Jack picked out two articles this week, the first was the same as Saleem’s so he helpfully went back and choose another, which was something else written about something said by Google’s Matt Cutts this week.

The subject matter this time was not link building, but the oft-debated subject of whether you should be targeting search or social. Read the article and watch the video to see what Cutts had to day on this topic.

What Jack Says

“This article outlines the reasons why webmasters shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to online marketing. It makes clear why it is important to integrate a variety of channels for optimum results and ROI for any site.”

Using Google Analytics to Measure Content Marketing Success

The last post of the week comes from Karl, who has chosen a useful piece from the Content Marketing Institute that look at how to use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of content marketing.

What Karl Says

“This article not only delivers excellent ideas around measuring content marketing, but helps webmasters and site owners get an overview of how their whole site is performing. There is no question that knowing how to maximise the potential of Google Analytics can bring a huge range of benefits.”

How do you think these articles have made a difference to the content marketing landscape in the last seven days? Is there anything we have missed that you think we should have deemed more important than our four selections? Get in touch with us below, or submit a question via our Q&A page if you are unclear about any of the SEO factors or points raised in any of these posts.

Head back next week to see what we have been reading over the last seven days.