Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending October 26th

What is Google Doing to Move Beyond Keyword Search?
June 12, 2019
Google Increases Search Market Share Again
June 12, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending October 26th

Welcome back to the blog post that has been out and found the hottest articles from the digital marketing industry over the last seven days, giving you the best information about search, content, and social media without you having to spend hours trawling through your RSS reader or email subscriptions.

What has the Bough Digital team been reading this week?

Should Matt Cutts be Believed?

Robert’s pick this week is an article from Search Engine Watch that looks at Matt Cutts’ keynote speech to Pubcon in Las Vegas earlier this week. Robert loves the content, but like so many others that work in the search industry, is unsure how to take it.

What Robert Says

“This should be great as, in theory, it is all you need to know about what is happening in the SEO industry. Thanks Matt, but how many red herrings have you provided this time!”

An Illustrated Guide to the Google Algorithm

Jack has highlighted this terrific article at Moz that should allow everyone to gain a better understanding of how Google and the other search engines work. From the SEO novice to the guy that has been in the industry for 10 years, there’s a learning in here for everyone, and even a few jokes for good measure!

What Jack Says

“SEO’s often see ‘the algorithm’ as one piece of data this is tweaked every so often. This article gives an easy to understand account of what the set of Google algorithms are like in non-technical language and allows us to understand how searches are undertaken. A must read for anyone involved with SEO or who manages their own website!”

The Future of Gestural Search

Saleem’s read of the week also comes from Search Engine Watch, this one looking at how gestural search could become reality in the future. We have recently had Google Hummingbird introduce better voice search and interaction with Google; are we now on the path to a world where consumers ‘control’ Google with their hands in whatever way they wish?

What Saleem Says

“An interesting article into gestural search where users can possibly use hand motions for search-centric activities similar to Tom Cruise in Minority Report. There is no question this would be very exciting were it to happen!”

Google Breaks a Promise

Our final entry this week is from Karl, who has chosen to highlight the news that Google are trialling banner ads on search results pages, despite famously promising back in 2005 that they would never do this.

What Karl Says

“Given that most people in SEO believe that the move towards 100% keyword (not provided) is motivated by Google’s desire to drive revenues, this is not really a surprise. However, the level of dismay and indeed downright outrage I have seen on various news forums since this news broke makes me think it is not going to be an easy ride for Google to put this in place across the board. Anyone involved with the SEO industry should be keeping their eyes and ears on this story over the coming months.”

That concludes our favourite articles of the past seven days. What did you make of Matt Cutts’ keynote speech at Pubcon, and are we really going to be searching with our hands by the end of the decade?

Head back next Friday to discover what has grabbed our attention over the upcoming week.