Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending September 14th

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June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending September 14th

Welcome to the first in a new weekly feature that we’ll be running on the Bough Digital blog. Every week, members of our team are going to pick their favourite blog posts, articles, or news related to the digital marketing industry, share them here, the reasons why they like them, and a link so you can go and check it out for yourself.

We’ll also be putting together a summary of the best blogs at the end of the month, which will feature our favourite weekly blogs as well as some others that might have escaped our attention.

Matt Cutts Calls for Quality Check

We start with Managing Director Robert Reeve, who has highlighted a great news article featured on the Submit In Me website. The article summarises a recent video answer to a question sent to Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Webspam, in which he recommended that all webmasters perform a quality check of their site content, owing to the integration of Google Panda into Google’s indexing system.

What Robert Says:

“I like it because it really focuses on the key components of a good SEO campaign, it highlights that SEO has now turned into a holistic viewpoint of digital marketing and that the user is centric to everything we do. Although, can Matt Cutts really be trusted? It could be another one of his famous red herrings.”

If you’re not familiar with Cutts, then we highly recommend checking out the range of articles at sites like Search Engine Land that look at his regular video answers, and specifically at some of the cynicism that exists around what he says, to get an idea of what Robert’s talking about!

Content Marketing: Being a Winner

Head of Content Karl Tippins has gone for the latest blog from BuzzStream, which looks at what the best content and link marketers are doing differently from everyone else. Taking a read of this article could take your content marketing campaign from strong and steady to dominant and market leading.

What Karl Says:

“This post is a must read for anyone in the industry who wants to make a success of content marketing. We’ve all grown conditioned to hearing ‘content is king’ and many of us simply shrug now when we hear or read that phrase. Matt Gratt, who wrote the piece, goes way beyond the core message of content strategy and really dives into what we can all do to make a difference to our own content marketing and that of our clients.”

Mobile SEO

SEO Account Manager Jack Withey has chosen a post from earlier this year that he revisited this week. Vanessa Fox, writing at Search Engine Land, looked at the technical aspects of mobile SEO and at how to get them right.

What Jack Says:

“This article is great for anyone who doesn’t know how to approach building a mobile site. This article explains the various types of options available including responsive web design, dynamic servers, and specific mobile URL’s. It outlines the benefits and disadvantages of each in order to give the reader a balanced view.”

With more and more consumers finding businesses through mobile search, being knowledgeable when it comes to mobile SEO techniques is going to be essential for all companies with online revenue streams in the future.

SEO Best Practices: Setting up a Blog

SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn has picked up an article from Search Engine Watch that takes an in-depth look at how to effectively set up a blog for SEO. The article covers a range of options website owners have for setting up their blog. Reading this article should ensure everyone can choose the blogging option best suited to their objectives.

What Saleem Says:

“This article provides useful information on how a business should set up a blog for their company and provides useful pros and cons for each implementation option. It is definitely something that anyone who is just getting started with business blogging, or isn’t quite sure where to begin, should pick up and read.”

These are our four favourite industry related articles, blogs, and news snippets that we’ve read over the last week. Come back next Friday where we’ll once again share the best resources we’ve found from across the digital marketing industry.