Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending September 21st

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June 12, 2019
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Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending September 21st

Welcome to our weekly review of the best blogs, news, and industry related articles that our team has been reading over the past week.

The Future of Content Marketing

Our head of content Karl Tippins kicks us off this week, pointing us to a blog written by the founder of CopyBlogger earlier this week that questions the future of content marketing. Except, it doesn’t really do that at all!

What Karl Says:

“So many people are trying to get ahead of the game in this industry and predict the future, whether we’re talking generally about SEO or looking at specific elements such as content marketing or social media optimization. The great thing about this post is that the title draws you in before taking you somewhere you’re not expecting. This is a timely reminder for anyone involved in content marketing, and I imagine it will have refocused minds across the industry this week.”

Old School SEO Still Happens

Managing Director Robert Reeve choose a news article from as his pick of the week.

The post looks at the use of article marketing for SEO, albeit in an outdated way, and struck a chord with Robert in respect of the challenges he feels Bough Digital and the whole search industry, or at least reputable SEO agencies, face today.

/h3>What Robert Says:

“Looking at articles like this, they remind me that some SEO’s are still using the same tactics from the 1990’s. Unfortunately SEO has moved on from mass article directory submissions and this is the reason why when gaining new clients I have to first sell the industry and secondly sell my agency.”

Robert’s comments undoubtedly resonate with many of you across the industry; it is unbelievable to think that many have not moved on from the tactics of well over a decade ago!

Top Tactics for Link Building Success

SEO Account Manager Jack Withey loves one of this week’s entries at The Moz Blog, which looks in detail at scalable link building tactics that anyone can implement.

What Jack Says:

“This article outlines some fantastic ways to approach link building that are easy to scale and track. These scalable link building tactics can be used by anyone, from the business owner just getting started with SEO to the professional agency looking to keep their client campaigns strong.”

With link building continuing to be such a widely discussed and controversial topic, there is no doubt value in this advice for people across the search industry and beyond.

Seasonal SEO Success

With the holiday season fast approaching, SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn has gone for a Search Engine Watch post from late last week. Anyone who has a business or website that experiences seasonal peaks could benefit from reading this, despite it being targeted primarily at ecommerce sites.

What Saleem Says:

“This article provides helpful tips on how to improve keyword rankings around seasonal holiday periods within the year. It also provides some great information on what kinds of keyword terms to use for certain holidays, how to perform keyword research, analysing the products on your website, and other techniques. A must read for everyone with a seasonal business, whatever their niche!”

If you haven’t read these blogs yet, we recommend you do so immediately, as they’re all filled with great advice and are sure to add something to your digital marketing outlook over the next seven days and beyond.