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Drive organic traffic and convert valuable customers with best-in-class copywriting from Bough Digital. Our talented team of creators can craft engaging content that makes your products come to life.

Exploring the Ecommerce Content Writing Services

From clothing retailers and bookshops to bakeries and food suppliers, the ecommerce market is enormous – and growing every day. As billions of customers turn to the internet to complete their online shopping, millions of businesses worldwide battle it out in a bid to capture the attention of the digital consumer.

The beauty of the ecommerce industry lies in its accessibility. From full-time industry professionals pushing their latest product range to avid at-home inventors selling their breakthrough tech ideas, anyone can set up an online store and start displaying, promoting and selling their products to potential customers.

The biggest draw to the ecommerce market also poses its most significant challenge. A low barrier to entry equates to stark competition. To stand out and grow your business amidst the sea of online opposition, you need a best-in-class marketing strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd. Product pages must draw the eye and entice. Marketing must be targeted and engaging. Websites must be user-friendly and easily navigable. Every aspect of your ecommerce content marketing strategy must make the customer journey from awareness to advocacy as seamless, simple and effective as possible.

Cutting through the competition can be tricky when you lack the tools to carve a clear path. To reach your target audience, and convert long-term customers, you need a best-in-class marketing strategy covering all mediums from a team that knows your industry like the back of their hand. That’s where Bough Digital comes in.

With over two decades of combined experience creating engaging, data-driven content for online retailers and ecommerce businesses, Bough Digital has the expertise to get you noticed. Our bespoke strategies will help you build brand awareness, resonate with your target audience and retain existing customers. From persuasive product descriptions and intuitive landing pages to captivating email chains and enticing social media posts, we have the adaptability, talent and experience to take your ecommerce business to the top.

We build our strategies on a rock-solid foundation of market analytics and keyword research, considering your target audience, competitors and industry to craft a plan tailored to your needs. Once we’ve thoroughly understood your online business, our talented writers will create personalised content across multiple mediums, conveying your brand voice and values to your customers.

What’s more, all of our content is SEO-optimised, making it easier for potential customers to locate your ecommerce website. Whatever your industry, we have the skillset to help you improve your search engine ranking, reach more customers and build domain authority in the ecommerce space.

When trying to grow your business in the saturated ecommerce market, a consistent content strategy is the difference-maker that sets you apart from the competition. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Elevate your ecommerce company and skyrocket your sales with a best-in-class content marketing strategy from Bough Digital.

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The ecommerce industry is set to generate $6.3 trillion globally in 2023 (Forbes). If the ecommerce market were a country, this would give it the third-highest GDP in the world.
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20.8% of retail purchases are expected to occur online in 2023 (Forbes). Gone are the days of shopping trips and long days sorting through physical products. In the modern day, the customer journey takes place online. To capture attention in the crowded digital landscape, you need a content strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd.
By 2040, it's forecasted that over 95% of all purchases will be through online stores (Nasdaq).

Why Choose Us?.

From tailored blog content and sleek landing pages to captivating social media posts and enticing email chains, our versatile, professional team of content creators will help you resonate with your customers across every platform. Our bespoke content is tailored to your business, built to appeal to your customers, and SEO-optimised to ensure you’re visible in search engines. When it comes to building your ecommerce brand with Bough Digital, we leave no stones unturned.

Personalized Approach

We realise that every ecommerce store offers something unique. That's why we tailor our content strategies to your industry and target audience. Whatever your brand's story, we'll take the time to understand, translate and convey your core values to your customers, enabling us to achieve optimal results every single time.

From SME To Multinational

From global organisations to first-time start-ups, our content strategies have a proven track record of producing outstanding results for ecommerce websites both big and small. Whatever your size, we'll create a bespoke campaign tailored to your business, scaling our strategies as necessary to meet your needs.

Marketing Integration

We recognise that many ecommerce businesses already have an existing content marketing strategy in place. That's why we'll use our expertise to enhance and add to your current campaign rather than make you start from square one.

Part of Your Team

We go beyond creating first-class content. We'll collaborate with your existing team, integrating our services seamlessly into your existing content plan to deliver outstanding results.

Expertise And Experience

With over 20 years of combined experience and a proven track record working with some of the world's most recognisable ecommerce brands, we have the experience and knowledge you need to build brand awareness, drive organic traffic and outrank the competition.

Exceptional Value

As a boutique content agency, we don't have the large overheads many of our large-scale competitors face. That means we get to pass our cost savings directly to you. When you work with us, you get more premium content for less, with no hidden costs. You only pay for the work we deliver.

Our Approach.

Our approach to ecommerce content creation is based on a solid understanding of your business. From comprehensive competitor analysis to in-depth keyword research, we take the time to understand your market, allowing us to create tailored content that achieves measurable results.

We adopt a multi-faceted approach to ecommerce content writing. With a blend of informative blog content, enticing selling pages and targeted marketing campaigns, our content strategies pave the path to purchase at every stage of your customer’s digital journey. Our expertise is the last piece of the puzzle for your ecommerce ambitions.

Market Analysis

Conducting comprehensive research into your industry, competition and target audience to create a personalised content strategy tailored to your business.

Keyword Research

Researching the most effective keyword usage to help you outrank the competition and drive organic traffic.

Content Creation

Developing and implementing handcrafted, best-in-class content across several mediums, helping you reach and resonate with your target audience.

Data-led Analytics

Assessing and analysing our performance and making adjustments as required to ensure you always stay at the forefront of your industry.

Frequently Asked Question .

1. Why is content writing important for ecommerce businesses?

The ecommerce market is incredibly competitive, with millions of small and large-scale businesses vying for control of their chosen industries. Low barriers to entry mean that anyone from any background can set up a shop in hours. This gives consumers many choices when selecting the business they want to buy from. Consumers are searching for companies that offer something different - a content marketing strategy can be the difference between a customer choosing your business and discovering the competition.

2. What is SEO and why is it important for ecommerce businesses?

SEO means 'Search Engine Optimisation'. It is the process of optimising a website's content to maximise a business's visibility online. SEO is vital for ecommerce businesses because of the size of the market. With thousands of new ecommerce stores popping up each month, companies that lack an effective, consistent content strategy will be lost in the sea of competition. An effective content strategy is the key to accessing the global ecommerce market, as it can help you rank more favourably on Google's search results. Appearing higher on the results pages means you seem more reputable and attract more customers. When your customers visit your website, engaging content from Bough Digital will ensure you capture attention, nurture leads, and convert interested consumers into loyal customers.

3. What content writing services do you offer?

We specialise in several content writing types, including product descriptions, sales letters, blog posts, email marketing, social media ads, web content, landing pages, press releases, feature articles, video scripts, and more. Whatever your needs, we have the adaptability to create a content strategy tailored to your needs. We optimise all of our content for SEO, but that doesn't mean we skimp on quality. We put engaging, exciting content front and centre- quality copy is the gift that keeps your customers coming back time and time again.

4. Do your writers have expertise in my industry?

Our content creators are highly-skilled and versatile. From skincare and sports to Bitcoin and finance, all our writers have unique qualities and areas of expertise. Whether you're launching your latest business-to-business manufacturing range, starting a first-time clothing store or setting up your art portfolio for the world to see, we have the expertise to create tailored content that gets your ecommerce website the attention it deserves.

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