Do I need meta tags for SEO?

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June 15, 2019
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June 15, 2019

Do I need meta tags for SEO?

Meta-tags are traditionally the tags at the top of HTML and refers to the three main categories:

Page Title
Meta Description
Meta Keyword
Traditionally (circa. 2005), these meta-tags were important to search engines in how they used to rank websites. However, as the search engines have increased in sophistication over the years, the meta-tags (description and keywords) are dormant in terms of affecting the ranking positions, as search engines have realised that SEO’s used to manipulate these tags to gain higher prominence in search engines.

Therefore, my advice is to ignore meta-keywords and to create a meta-description only to attract further click-throughs via the search results pages- as the meta description is the snippet shown within these pages. So, implement the meta-description for users rather than search engines.

For more advanced SEO, there is now an advanced feature of meta-tags called either ‘Rich Snippets’, ‘Microformats’, or ‘Schema’ that looks to provide search engines with advanced coding in order to help them understand the page further. Examples of rich snippets for a food recipe page can be:

Ingredients of the dish
Preparation Time
Cooking Time
Cooking Method
Cuisine Type- Indian, Chinese, Mexican

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