Why Does Google Hate my Site?

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April 28, 2019
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May 31, 2019

Why Does Google Hate my Site?

This is a rather broad question, and there are too many hypotheses to mention in this answer as Google has over 250 variables that it considers in its algorithm. However, there are a number of high-quality SEO companies/ agencies, free resources, Google’s own SEO guide, and free tools such as Google Webmaster Tools and Woorank that can help and support you in your quest to solve this problem.

The one thing to remember is that Google has not manually penalised your website, as it is solely based on one single highly complex algorithm to determine search engine rankings. Some things to consider are:

  • Have you carried out any SEO work on your website?
  • Have you signed up to Google Webmaster Tools for guidance?
  • Have you researched blogs, and websites for helpful information?
  • Have you carried out any unethical practices to your website?
  • Does your website have high-quality unique content?
  • Is the user experience on your website good?

These are some broad questions that might help you solve the problem, however, it is probably advisable to hire a SEO agency as they are specialists in implementing strategies to make sure that Google loves you in the short, medium, and long-term.

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