Get Organic Traffic For Your Law Firm

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Get Organic Traffic For Your Law Firm

To stay on top of today’s marketing efforts, your law firm has undoubtedly started exploring how the Internet can help bring in new clients and gain recognition for your website. You’ve probably even started implementing some search engine optimization, or SEO, strategies like including competitive keywords and producing content on a regular basis. But effective SEO can be an on-going process and your law firm might have even switched to using cost-per-click campaigns like Google AdWords because they essentially bring your company’s name to the top of a search query and they don’t require nearly as much time as traditional SEO does.

What is Organic Traffic??

But I’m here to tell you that your law firm is missing out on some great opportunities by ignoring your “organic traffic” efforts. Organic traffic is what happens when somebody uses a search engine to find a company and then clicks on a link the search engine displays. For instance, if a user finds your website by typing “divorce lawyer Denver” into Google and then clicks on your law firm’s website through that search query, you’ve just encountered some organic traffic.

Other Kinds Of Traffic

There are certainly other ways to bring people to your law firm’s website. First, there’s “referral traffic” which is what happens when people happen upon your website from a social media platform like Facebook and Twitter or see a link to your website from another blog. Referral traffic should not be discounted, either. It’s a valuable way to reel in visitors while piggybacking off of other websites. Users can also find your website through “paid traffic,” which is what programs like Google AdWords do. Technically, paid traffic is organic, as well, and it can still be an effective method of driving traffic to your website. However, it can be costly and data-heavy, giving you quick results up front but requiring lots of legwork on the back end.

The Advantage Of Organic Traffic

Organic traffic, on the other hand, has many advantages that other types of traffic can’t offer. First and foremost, organic traffic lends itself to qualified leads. Think back to the last time you were researching a product before you bought it. Most consumers turn to the Internet to find relevant information about products they’re interested in, services they’re looking for, etc. When a consumer is shopping for a new TV, they could Google “best TVs of 2012” or “highly reviewed plasma TVs.” Google will then show results based on their search queries, and ordered by relevancy and popularity. In terms of your law firm’s marketing efforts, investing in organic traffic can potentially give your website a high ranking for a plethora of keywords. Not only will search engine users deem you a useful and trusted source, since Google did so first, but they’re also the exact kinds of people you want to bring into your website, ergo qualified leads.

In addition to finding the right audience, organic traffic is also seen as “free” traffic, or at least cheaper as far as paid traffic goes. SEO doesn’t require an expert or years of schooling to understand it or implement it. Just about anything you could ever want to find about SEO is already online and ready for you to read it. If you have the time and patience, you could learn SEO and start performing it on your law firm’s website without paying a single cent. In this sense, you’re organic traffic is “free.” But even if you don’t have the time to do SEO yourself, hiring an SEO to do the work for you will still be cheaper than paid search in the long run. Cost-per-click campaigns can add up over time on their own, but they can also draw money from your wallet if you need the results to be analyzed by a professional. Hiring an SEO to increase your organic traffic will already include keyword research, click-through-rates analysis, and even testing various landing pages. Overall, even if you hire an extra hand, organic traffic will be cheaper than paid traffic.

Next, investing in organic traffic can not only give your website a boost, but it can decrease the ranking of your competitors’ websites. If you start implementing choice keywords for divorce law, writing quality blog posts frequently, and improving your website’s overall health, search engines will surely take notice and begin ranking your website higher than others. For new websites competing against older brands, this can be a lengthy process, but your ranking will steadily be improving regardless.

Finally, organic traffic gives long-term results when done right. Having the right keywords, the right design, and the right content can keep visitors coming back to your website for years to come. Furthermore, steady SEO work that’s geared toward organic traffic doesn’t get affected much by future search algorithm changes.

While organic traffic might not be as quick and easy as setting up a cost-per-click campaign for your law firm’s website, it’s still an effective and long-lasting method of driving qualified traffic right to your front door.

Pete Wise is the SEO Manager for Network Affiliates; which has been an ad agency for lawyers and doctors since the dawn of the internet. We were the first full-service legal marketing agency in the space; with a full production studio, full digital agency, and media buyers and planners under one roof. Check us out on Twitter: @Netaff