Google Increases Search Market Share Again

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June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Google Increases Search Market Share Again

Despite Yahoo! reporting that they’re coming back into the game when it comes to search, comScore data for July of this year shows that Google’s market share of the search market has actually increased once again.Google enjoyed a huge 67% market share in the United States during the month, an improvement on where they had been in the previous three months of the year.

This latest monthly report represents a growth of 0.3 percentage points from the previous month, and 0.2 points on July last year.

The View from Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer, ex-Google executive and now CEO of Yahoo!, had claimed previously that the battle for search supremacy was still one worth fighting, and that it was still a competitive market rather than a case of “Google and the rest.”Mayer’s optimism may have been ill-founded, however, as market share for Yahoo! actually dropped to 11.3%, which is a new low for the company.

Although Bing aren’t picking up too many of the browsers who are choosing not to use Yahoo!, they are in a better position than they were this time last year, and remain the second most popular search engine with 17.9% of the market.

Smaller Search Platforms

The numbers put up by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, which combined for 96.2% of the total market, saw a small decline in search volumes for both Ask and AOL, who only managed to hit 2.7% and 1.2% respectively.

Better News for Bing

There was more promising news elsewhere for Bing, as it was revealed that the search engine powered 27.1% of organic search results, although this number pales in comparison to Google’s 68.6%.

What it means for the Future

While Google remain dominant on the search front, Yahoo! actually beat Google in July in terms of visits to sites across their whole estate.While this is unquestionably a feather in the cap of Ms Mayer and the whole Yahoo! team, it remains to be seen whether they’ll be able to usurp Google’s position as search leaders in the coming years, and what their strategy will be for going about it.