Hands Up: Practising What we Preach

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June 4, 2019
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June 4, 2019

Hands Up: Practising What we Preach

In December 2012, we wrote a blog post about starting a company blog.

While in the post itself, we spoke at length about numerous benefits of writing a blog, the biggest point we made was probably right at the top.

As a digital marketing agency, many of the conversations we have, whether its amongst ourselves, when talking to leads, or with existing clients, revolve around the importance of having a real focus on content.

As it is almost one year to the day since we last posted on this blog, we have to hold our own hands up and admit we haven’t kept ourselves to the standards we set for our clients.

This changes now.

From today, we are re-focused and re-committed to ensuring we work as hard on producing great content for our own website as we do for those we work with, and will ensure a regular stream of excellent posts are published as a means of demonstrating this.

From offbeat blogs to informational resources, shorter Q&A’s, and maybe even the odd infographic or video post, consider the Bough Digital blog and resources sections 100% rebooted from today.

Notice how we wrote all that and didn’t say “content is king” once!