How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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June 4, 2019
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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Whether you’re a start-up business looking to use your blog as the main traffic driver of your site or an established company that is doing well but see an opportunity to capitalise more on your blog, increasing your blog traffic is a great objective to set for yourself.

How can you go about it?

Commit to an Editorial Calendar
Get an editorial calendar in place, planned at least three months ahead, and stick to it.

You might blog once a week, you might blog twice a week, you might blog every day, but you need to commit to getting content on your blog on a regular basis. (Full disclosure: we could have done a much better job of this in the last two months!)

Keeping a consistent flow of content moving onto your site shows Google your website is active and filled with fresh content. It also demonstrates to visitors that when they next return there will be something else for them to read.

Go Heavy on Social Promotion
This brilliant edition of Whiteboard Friday contains a handy guide originally from KISSmetrics that can help anyone plan their social sharing schedule.

The trick to maximising your social reach is to get your blog out there as soon as you’ve published it, and get as many eyes on it as you possibly can. Understand that not every piece of content is going to do amazingly well. However, this is where your post-publishing analysis comes in, and you can tweak what you do in future to make sure you’re getting as much traffic as possible.

Use a social analytics tool to measure success, and work from there.

Reach Out Directly to Those You’ve Mentioned or Linked To
This technique works in a similar manner to creating an “ego bait” post where you’ll say something nice about someone or something. While you might mention one or two of the people or businesses you’ve cited in your blog when you share it on social media, if you’ve written a 2,000 word post you might have 20 links and have mentioned a further 10 individuals or businesses.

Instead of sending out the same social media message to everyone, send an email to those in question. Go beyond a simple template email, too, and tell the person you’re emailing why you linked to or mentioned them.

Start a conversation and build a relationship!

Use Your Newsletter
Email marketing looked like it was ready to die a few years ago, but the digital marketing industry is realising once again that it’s a great tool for keeping an audience engaged.

Feature your blog in your email newsletter and watch the traffic soar. This is also a good way to measure how effective your email marketing is, so you get two benefits for the price of one.

Remember to carefully choose the posts that go in your newsletter, depending on the frequency of both. If you blog twice a week but send a newsletter out monthly, you don’t want to have 8 – 10 posts in a newsletter. Look to feature at least two blogs in an email newsletter if you can, remembering that most people will click the links that interest them, and not go through every one in an email.

Have a Healthy Proportion of Evergreen Content
While having content that is relevant right now is great and can cause spikes in traffic, evergreen content will bring you traffic when you share it socially, put it in your email newsletter, and long into the future as it becomes a well-loved resource.

Even if there’s elements of the content that need updating from time to time, amending one paragraph owing to a change in your industry is a lot easier than writing a whole new post, and the main body of the content is still relevant and will remain indexed by Google.

These are easy tips to help you grow traffic to your blog without needing to look at deep level analytics data or spend more time than you have considering other aspects of blog writing. Put these in place today, and start to see the difference.