How Will Google Glass Change Search?

How Will Google Glass Change Search?
June 14, 2019
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June 14, 2019

How Will Google Glass Change Search?

How will Google Glass change search? To answer this question we first must understand what Google Glass is all about. How does one use Google Glass? Is Google Glass just another part of the search engine on the Google page?

There are many questions that need to be answered before you know how Google Glass will change search. The first question to answer is what is Google Glass? Google Glass is a project that Google has been working on that has yet to be released. The Google Glass project is for Google to develop a reality of glasses for people to wear. The Google Glass is to make a hands free device for all types of practices. There have been many leaks about the Google Glass.

How will Google Glass change search? The Google Glass can change search dramatically. There is going to be so much that Google Glass can do, that it can be endless. The Google Glass will wrap around your head like a headband. There will be a glass eye wear that looks like glasses.

Changes That Google Glass Can Do:

1. The Google Glass can speak to you with a vibration in your neck. The vibration can be done with the stroke of a hand. The headset uses an audio of bone conduction. A vibration will start to vibrate in the users head and neck. This will bring a clearer sound.

2. The Google Glass will have a microphone. The microphone will allow you to speak through the glasses for use and communicate with the glasses. For doing a search with the Google Glasses, you’ll be able to speak and the information will come through the sound that is provided.

3. Pictures can be taken with just a blink with the Google Glasses. How great will it be to take a picture without looking through a camera or screen? You will use your eyes and take the picture in just a second!

4. A laser keyboard will be available with Google Glasses. The laser will project a keyboard to the arm of the user of the glasses. You will be able to touch the arm to use the keyboard as if your arm was a touch screen. You don’t have to worry about carrying around a keyboard as one will be with you as you walk. That is your arm.

5. Looking for a restaurant in an area, then no problem with the Google Glass. Just speak what you are looking for and the Google Glass will give you the top few selections that are on Google search engine page. You will also be able to get directions to any of these places that you choose by using the Google Glass.

6. Work anywhere using the Google Glass. You will be able to do all your work when wearing the Google Glass. In any place you can take a conference call, send emails and do searches. The sky is the limit to what all you can perform for your job with the Google Glass.

7. The Google Glass can take an image of a product and give you all the details of the product. If you are walking by a store and see a purse, the Google Glass will take that image of the purse and match it up. It will show you prices and sites where you can purchase this purse.

8. Google Glass can replace other mobile devices. The Google Glass can replace your smart phone, iPad, netbook and laptop. You will be able to do everything that these devices offer, but in one device. The Google Glass will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, low battery usage, camera, keyboard, microphone and other great additions that will allow you to never have to carry extra devices as all of this is offered with Google Glass.

How will Google Glass change search? There is so much that Google Glass has to offer, but the hands free and keyboard free is an excellent option. How nice to speak and have the Google Glass get the information you are looking for along with prices, locations and other competitors?

Although, Google Glass hasn’t yet been introduced and many are speculating on how Google Glass will change search one can only wait to see what exactly Google Glass has to offer. Google Glass is going to be the latest introduction to the technology world. The options are endless of what we hear Google Glass will offer.

There have been many leaks to what the Google Glass will look like. Some have even been spotted wearing the Google Glasses around at events. The Google Glass is stylish as well as sleek. The Glasses will be comfortable to wear and able to fit and customize to most wearers.

Google will be the first to introduce this type of technology to the world. With many to follow, Google is the leader of search and will know how to stay in front of the competitors with their Google Glass. To check the upcoming announcement on Google Glass, then you can do a search on Google Glass as many are watching and blogging on every movement of Google Glass.

The expected announcement and release of Google Glass is in April, 2013. The Google Glass will change search dramatically! Just like with most new gadgets, you will have to learn how to use it and in time it will be nothing to do.

We can all wish what we would like Google Glass to do, but until the release of Google Glass, we will just wait until April, 2013. Google Glass will not only change how search is performed, but also what other devices we use on a daily basis. Will we eliminate our smart phones once Google Glass is released? Will computers and laptops also be eliminated? There are many questions about Google Glass and how it will not only change search and technology but the way we use our electronic devices as well.