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Common Excuses for Not Blogging Regularly

It has become increasingly clear in recent years that businesses that engage in a blogging strategy for their website see huge value in terms of the increased search engine exposure they enjoy. Consequently, this then feeds into other metrics such as a lower on-site bounce rate and a higher conversion rate as a percentage of visitors.

Despite digital marketing websites being filled with articles, blogs, white papers, case studies, and infographics that champion blogging and content marketing in general, many businesses are still quick to turn to ready excuses as to why they aren’t blogging regularly.

How Often is Regularly?

To see the benefits in terms of SEO as well as to bring your audience back to your website on a regular basis, you should ideally be looking to publish a blog at least once a week. You can also build in other types of content, such as resources or a Q&A section similar to what we’ve done here at Bough Digital. Whether you publish a different type of content on a week-to-week basis or alongside your blogs depends on your site strategy as well as your competitors.

Understanding what your competitors are doing is crucial. If they are sticking to one blog per week, then you stand to benefit by upping your output to two or three blogs per week. If your competitors are inconsistent bloggers and they appear to be making their excuses and only blogging once a month, then once a week will do nicely from your perspective.

Here are some of the common excuses we commonly hear, and some ways to put yourself in a position where you can avoid them. You’ll quickly realise there’s no reason you shouldn’t be blogging regularly.

No Time

Lack of time is easily the most common excuse business owners make for not blogging on a regular basis. This is understandable, as even dedicated content marketers within companies find themselves time poor!

However, the real problem with a lack of time is that time simply hasn’t been designated to blogging. All too often, blog writing and publishing is something relegated to “when we have time to do it.” Because business owners are focused on what they are good at and on generating revenues and profits, they never have time, in their minds at least.

The solution? Dedicate time in your week to sit down and write a blog. If this is going to prove difficult, hire someone to do it for you. See the next excuse for what we mean.

Lack of Writing Skills

Even some of the most skilled and successful entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t particularly good at putting their thoughts down on paper. A lack of writing skills often serves as an easy excuse for not blogging. No one wants to read what I write, they say, so what’s the point of blogging?

As already alluded to, the solution is to find someone who has the writing skills who can turn your five bullet points into a blog or, even better, go away, do all the research, and manage your blog output from scratch. Does this lead to the excuse that the business can’t pay for a copywriter? Often, yes, but the return on investment will be worth it in the long term, especially if you can get a great value writer who can create an engaging blog in an hour or two.

Utilise your LinkedIn network or use a freelancer site like Upwork to find a useful writer who can take care of your blog.

There’s Nothing to Blog About

There’s always something to blog about! Granted, if your blog strategy reaches the point where you are blogging every day, you may well have the odd “slow news day” where you produce a short blog or do something a little off-topic. To get to the point where you don’t even blog once a week because of a lack of subject matter is a serious problem.

Create an ideas list of things you might blog about so you always have something to turn to if you’re devoid of inspiration. This might include industry news, customer trends related to your own business, or how events in the wider world have affected your business. Think about what blog subjects are likely to appeal to your customers, too.

Common Excuses for Not Blogging Regularly

No Vision of Value

Our final common excuse is possibly the one that is most damaging in the long term. Many businesses pursue a blogging strategy for a month or two, don’t see any additional benefit, and so stop publishing content or do it less regularly. As with any aspect of digital marketing, blog publishing takes time to show its true value. This value only comes through a sustained commitment to content creation, which enables you to build a bank of content and positions you as an authoritative resource in your industry.

The only solution here is to commit to blogging and stick to it, all the while monitoring your competitors to understand what they’re doing.

Eliminate the excuses and take a positive approach to blogging on your website, and you’ll see a huge difference over a sustained period.

If you find yourself wanting to blog but are genuinely hampered by any of these reasons, Bough Digital can help you get your blogging strategy where you need it to be. Contact us now to discuss how we can develop your blog as well as your entire content marketing strategy.

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