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Link Building Tips from Google

One of the top secrets website rookies don’t manage well is link building, also known as back linking. This is one of the top ways to get Google to not only trust your site, but also get you ranking for desired keywords. Link building plays a very important role in SEO, and Google stated they will continue to. Although it’s tough to get started and a lot of work to manage, it’s well worth it when your website starts producing the results. It may sound simple but when you get down to the details of it, it can be a tough strategy to conquer. If done the wrong way, Google won’t hesitate to consider your site as spam and even ban the website from their search result and algorithms.

High quality link building has somewhat been lost in the media due to “gurus” and other SEO experts that have found ways to get quick links that don’t maintain the same quality. Although, there are many ways and promotions on the web that offer you quick and easy links, the results may be short term and will not last long whatsoever. Cheap tactics are not worth the money, time, and consequences.

Although, much unknown to website owners and blogs alike, link building is one of the most important strategies for SEO. With many different views on link building, back linking and other SEO tactics and strategies you may come across, we are going to give you the best link building tips from Google.

Unqualified experts have found the “quick and easy” link building tips, but many don’t know the short term glory will soon fail. Google’s algorithms and bots can’t manage to monitor every site, every day, but as soon as they come across a poorly managed site, they are ready to take action.

Google’s updated algorithms, most recently Penguin and Panda, have affected the SEO world and most importantly back linking rules. Some websites saw their sites go sky high in visits and ranking while some saw a tremendous drop. That is why it is most important to always have a high quality link building strategy in place so that when the updates come, you are prepared.

Link Building Tips from Google


1: Don’t Sell! SEO shouldn’t be treated like telemarketing or multi-level marketing, meaning keep it natural! Don’t abuse keywords, don’t buy links, and don’t do something that you think Google will think is strange. Don’t sell your keywords in search engines but keep it natural, informative and unique.

2: Keep It Organic! Article marketing for Google is a no-no. Don’t let multiple sites link back to your site using the same article! Google considers this duplicate content that you are associated with and doesn’t like it. If you are looking to marketing your website and get quality backlinks make sure any articles associated with your website are unique and original. Don’t use the typical article marketing strategies, find some that will product unique and real, long lasting results.

3: Social Media. Social media for link building and promotion is a gem. Although if you’re activity level on social media sites is low, don’t expect to see results. Be active and engaging with all your followers, and be sure to stay updated daily on all your accounts.

4: Link Buying is a NO-NO. Google hates this and it doesn’t look natural to your visitors. Search engines will quickly consider this spam and will refuse to index it on their search results. When link building is in question, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

5: Guest Posting. This is a great way and one of the top link building strategies to getting quality backlinks. Guest posting allows you to post articles that are unique and original on other sites, anchoring your keywords and linking back to your site. Although, there are other warnings and tactics to beware of, such as linking back from sites that have absolutely nothing to do with your industry or niche. Google sometimes finds guest posting to be spammy if done too often and if the site isn’t high quality or doesn’t have a trusted page rank. Find sites that have topics you can bridge on and serve a page rank of 3 or higher!

6: Participate and Engage. Participating in forums about your industry, niche or topic is a great way to improve visitors and gain good backlinks. Show your expertise, create a new topic, and engage and answer questions. Most of the content that is published on forums is unique and so are your responses and comments, thus creating unique and original links. Next time someone sends out a tweet or question your way, answer it and even engage by starting a new conversation.

With all the different ways, and low quality links people are building, Google has gotten somewhat picky with their definition of high quality link building. Google has continued to state that links will also be important for SEO. Getting on the bandwagon of this strategy should be a must for your business if you are looking to improve your monthly visits and even conversions.

Link Building Tips from Google

Google is dedicated to provide their searchers with rich content, high quality sites and trusted information. They only deliver high quality indexes.

Incorporating great content with SEO and social promotion will allow you to achieve success in rankings. When writing content be sure to think of the visitor first and the search engine second. Content should be natural and unique, and if well written the keywords will fall into place.

Remember, Google looks at the sites you are linking from! Visitors coming from untrusted sites will make your site feel untrusted by Google

The famous quote of “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” can easily be applied to SEO, so don’t fall for cheap link building strategies. As it may be hard work to manage and upkeep quality link building, just keep going and don’t be vulnerable for cheap escapes.

With all these tips in mind, remember link building along with other SEO strategies all take time. SEO won’t bring you overnight results but will bring you long term glory.

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