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Taking the Plunge: Starting a Company Blog

At Bough Digital, we understand how important a blog can be to improving the visibility and influence of your website. The old idiom states that you shouldn’t give any advice that you can’t follow yourself, so to avoid the risk of becoming hypocritical, we’ve created our own blog, with the hope of giving you some insight into the SEO industry, its practices and to keep you informed on any news affecting the business. So should you start a blog for your website? And if so, why? This first post aims to explain, as well as provide you with a helpful resource to reference if you too decide that blogging can help your company.

Taking the Plunge Starting a Company Blog

What is blogging?

First off, Blogging is a great way to reach out and close the gap between your organisation and its customers. Our blog will attempt to offer you some useful advice free of charge and there is no reason that your business can’t do the same. Providing your customers with this sort of service is invaluable in the modern market, it not only creates brand loyalty, but also serves as a point from which you can address business problems without hassle. Instead of sweeping customer complaints and issues under the rug, it’s actually a good idea to document and discuss them on your blog. It proves to your customers that you care about improving your business, as well as also giving you a platform to demonstrate that you have addressed the problem effectively. This in turn is likely to improve the bond you share with consumers as they can see that you value their custom and work hard on a daily basis to give them the best service you can.

Another great advantage of maintaining a blog is the improved online visibility that your company will be rewarded with. Blogs are a great SEO tool; posts will rank well on Google searches because Google’s algorithms absolutely love it when you’re web page is updated frequently with good quality entries, consisting of original text. This gives potential customers a far greater chance of finding your website. What you’re also able to do is heavily optimise your blog with keywords relevant to your field; a well-optimised blog will be a fantastic way to boost traffic to your site. Another good thing to think about is giving each of your posts an appropriate title; make sure to keep it as relevant to your chosen field as you can. Google searches often pick up on keywords in blog post titles and rank them highly in search results as they feel they are likely to be relevant to the users’ query.

Taking the plunge

More benefits for you

The chances are that if you’re reading this blog, your business is already reasonably well informed as to how to promote yourself and give your website the best chance of getting noticed online, so in that case, it’s a safe bet that you’re company is already active on social media. If you aren’t, there’s no need to worry, however you should seriously start to look into promoting your business through social media channels. A blog is the perfect partner to your social media efforts, you can promote your blog through your social media pages so all your fans and followers are aware of updates to your website. This proves to your customer base that your company is committed to its website and offers them regular updates on its content. This will also provide them a link to visit your site, which in turn will improve traffic.

Finally, we thought that you might appreciate a bit of honesty on our part; we’re starting our blog for all the reasons above. What we hope though is that you follow our example; we’re an SEO company, so we like to think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to getting your business noticed on the web! We hope you’ve learned something about blogging and SEO from our maiden post and you now understand what a great resource blogging can be for your company. Make sure to check back soon for the second instalment in our blog series.

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