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The 4 Signs of Lazy SEO

No one has the same outlook when it comes to SEO. The differences of opinion and the debate around the best way to do things are two of the things that make the industry so exciting. While it only takes reading articles at Search Engine Land or a similar authority site to see the sort of passion SEO can incite, most people within the industry agree around the components of lazy SEO. Most will also agree that those who are guilty of lazy SEO usually get exactly what they deserve.

What do we mean by Lazy SEO?

We’re going to get onto that shortly, but we’re not talking about lazy to the extent that you simply find the ‘Black Hat SEO’ section at Black Hat World and try to take as many shortcuts as possible to the top of the rankings.

Instead, we’re talking about not doing the essential SEO work you need to do, but then saying it’s all Google’s fault which, to be fair, isn’t just something webmasters do!

What are the four sure signs of lazy SEO?

The 4 Signs of Lazy SEO

No Keyword Research

How many webmasters are out there who have built their website based around the terms they believe people should be using to find them, or the terms they believe they should be ranking highly for? Granted, this is what we all want to achieve, but the way to do this is by carrying out full and proper keyword research rather than simply throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks, or choosing whatever you think works best and then blaming Google.

Not conducting keyword research means you stand guilty of neglecting perhaps the biggest SEO opportunity of all.

Only Optimizing Certain Pages

Even today, with so many resources available to use as a guide, people still insist on only optimizing specific landing pages on their website. Why wouldn’t you optimize every page on your website and treat each page like a landing page? If you have pages that you don’t think should be optimized, why have them at all?

The 4 Signs of Lazy SEO

Lazy Link Building

Link building, link earning, or however else you want to describe it, is a hard task, which is why many people decide they’re not going to do too much of it. The link building they do undertake, however, is usually the worst kind, submitting hastily produced content to low quality articles that scream ‘spam’ and put a red flag above your site for Google’s attention.

While a site might get some, albeit limited, benefit from such links, it is only a matter of time before Google identifies you and penalises you. Why build bad links just to have to disavow them later?

Little, No, or Poor Content

We’ve long since passed the days when it was good enough to write a blog post just to get something ‘fresh’ onto your website. Now, as well as regular fresh content, it needs to be robust, of value, and of a high standard to be recognized as user friendly. If you’re simply paying lip service to content marketing or writing 200 words of fluff just to post something, you’re not going to achieve anything.

The potential results a well-executed SEO strategy can bring to your site are huge, and you ought not to waste this by trying to cut corners and indulging in lazy SEO.

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