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What is Local Based Advertising and SEO

Websites aren’t the only way for businesses to have an online presence. Incorporating your business address with SEO is a must for location based advertising. It gives you the ability to attract new customers and visitors in your area. With many social media strategies available, sometimes international clients don’t have a lot of value. If you offer a service or product, getting your name out nationally can help. Beginning at your roots is always the best way to start. Thinking realistically and aiming for customers in your area first is a win as well as an opportunity to see if what your business offers is worth exposure elsewhere. Whether or not your business may benefit from national customers, working on location based advertising SEO first can be most beneficial and one of the best boosters for your business.

The technology involved in location based advertising alone can drive your business traffic. Incorporating it with other social media strategies and SEO can only be a bigger bonus.

Location Based Advertising, also known as LBA is a marketing tool marketers use to start small and develop an understanding of customers and build brand loyalty for businesses.

Attracting customers through ads can be costly. They are sometimes effective and sometimes not. New start-ups and businesses don’t have enough funds to back them up if the results aren’t as expected. As paid ads don’t guarantee visitors, starting with location based advertising is a great strategy for business to do on their own. Keep it simple and work on the best and inexpensive essentials for location based advertising.

Social media sites such as Facebook, are working on location based mobile ads. If you have the money and are looking to target people in your area, when this tool is available, this could be a good route to go.

The following tips can help give you a broader perspective and ideas to start integrating location based advertising in your business plan.

What is local based advertising and seo


Be Listed On All Major Directories: This allows Google to see you are legit and trusts your business and location, and if done well, the first page will be all you! Although, be careful not to pay for listings. Google doesn’t like this, as many SEO experts may think. Keep it natural, trusted and clean; make sure the address and name of your business is listed the same throughout all directories and remains consistent.

Award Your Check-Ins: All awards don’t have to be costly, but they have to be earned. Many location based advertising services give you the option to set a badge, allowing the visitor to earn badges and rewards after multiple check-ins. If you notice at a local restaurant they may give you a coupon or a discount off your bill if you check in via Yelp, Facebook, or Foursquare. This brings businesses more publicity to people around their area when a customer checks in. If it’s a returning customer, then their followers see your business more often.

Keep An Eye Out On Your Competitor: Although you don’t want to be an exact painting of your competitor, it’s good to see what they are doing. This gives you the ability to scan through different aspects of creativity and allows your mind to bounce around ideas. See how your competitor is using location based advertising. Go to their store and check in using a popular location based advertising service and see what people are saying and how they are awarding their customers.

Offer Discounts: Let your customer get more bang for their buck if they expose your business to all their friends and followers. Run a promotion for a month, such as 10% off, or half off a specific item. People love to save, and your business loves more people. When people see that they are scoring on savings, they will be sure to check-in. This can lead to a potential returning customer or even a new customer!

What is local based advertising and seo


Brand Loyalty: Location based advertising allows you to build a reputation and loyalty towards your customers. This can grow and expand your customer base not only locally but also nationally as well.

Understanding Your Customers: Location based advertising also allows you to understand exactly what your customer is looking for and what they are feeling as well as their age, demographics, etc. With this understanding your business can begin to grow and expand.

Higher SEO Rankings: The more active your business is and the more people review your business and talk about it via social networking sites; the chances of building higher rankings are greater.

Remember, location based advertising can benefit your business. It has the ability to conduct research and give you insight on how your service or product will benefit others elsewhere.

With everyone on the go today, more and more people are frequently relying on their smartphones, whether searching for a restaurant, entertainment or a local business. Location based advertising is becoming an essential part of SEO for many businesses.

People are checking in on their mobile apps like Foursquare, and Instagram. And now, if you’re doing location based advertising, then you might want to check out Google Places and make sure all your information is accurate.

You also may want to create a Google+ page for your business as Google + is growing daily and it’s a great way for your business to go viral. Similar to Facebook, it gives you the ability to gain high exposure for your business. As some phones and tablets already come with the Google+ application pre-installed, this in itself should convince you the success that Google can bring you. With Google +’s sophisticated features you’re able to beat your competition. Join some circles and things will get really interesting but make sure your business information is accurate and consistent as it can be difficult to change.

With all the technology and tools available, why wouldn’t you want to enhance and expand your business through location based advertising? Using the right tools for location based advertising is the key to driving more visitors and customers. It’s not your existence that has the impact but your performance level.

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