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Who in Your Business Should be Involved with SEO?

When the CEO of a business, the owner, or the marketing director decides that it is time for an on-going investment in and commitment to SEO, they have a number of choices to make. The first is whether to carry out SEO in-house or to outsource their SEO to an agency who can take care of everything on their behalf.

Make a Decision and Move On

99% of the time, unless there’s a marketing genius within the company who happens to be an SEO expert, and you’re ready to shift your marketing towards digital platforms, outsourcing your SEO is the best option to take.

Making that decision is easy, the questions and potential pitfalls begin to mount up when you start looking at what this means for your business.

Who in Your Business Should be Involved with SEO

Who Needs to Know?

One of the biggest challenges business leaders face is keeping everyone focused on their own roles and responsibilities. This usually means carefully managing the information that people have access to so they know exactly what it is they should be doing. However, it is important to realise that execution of an SEO strategy will never be successful if an SEO agency is ‘running blind’ and just getting on with it.

Everyone within your company needs to know about your SEO campaign and about what is going on. If you’re a small business owner, you have nothing to worry about, as this might only involve yourself and one or two other people. The bigger challenge is unquestionably in the form of larger companies when multiple departments need to have an input.

Understanding Roles

The most important thing from a business leadership perspective is that everyone within a company understands that an SEO strategy is being put in place, and the importance of it being successful. It doesn’t really matter whether you send out a company-wide memo or simply talk to department managers, and you don’t need to go into the full detail of what SEO is, either. Simply cover the basics of why you’re doing it, but speak in depth to the key stakeholders that you’ll be relying on.

This will likely mean senior people in your marketing department, your PR team, and potentially your social media team or content team, if you have them, getting involved. While one to one conversations can work, a general meeting with everyone included is the best way to approach SEO for a large company, as this way you ensure everyone knows their roles and you don’t end up with some jobs done twice and others not at all.

From an individual perspective, communicate with employees on the importance of social media and encourage them to share content and engage with the brand during their personal time. Not everyone will do so, but the lift you’ll get from those who do is worth it.

Have One Point of Contact

Your SEO agency isn’t going to be as effective as they could be if they’re communicating with different people for different things. Ensure there is only one point of contact who liaises with your SEO agency and communications will never be strained or missed.

How to Keep Things Moving

Large businesses are notorious for red tape and for issues having to be passed through half a dozen people before they are signed off. SEO is a slow moving process, too. It is your responsibility to keep things moving at all times; make sure the people in your company are doing what they should be to support the SEO strategy, keep open communication lines with your agency so you can engage with any campaign updates and understand how their work is making a difference to what you do.

The more people who are involved with and know about your SEO campaign, the stronger it will be. However, it is your responsibility to ensure everything happens when it should do, department managers are doing their jobs, and you’re enjoying the full potential of employing SEO professionals.

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