New Book Points the Way to Online Influence

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June 4, 2019
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June 4, 2019

New Book Points the Way to Online Influence

In this morning’s free Metro newspaper, the daily “In Focus” spread – which you can view online at this link – looks at how we are influenced by the world around us. The newspaper has spoken to John Neffinger and Mathhew Kohut, authors of a new book titled Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential, about what makes us take the decisions we do, and how we are – subconsciously or otherwise – influenced by other people and by the world around us.

Three points featured within the article and the infographic attached to it offer insights that can improve a digital marketing strategy. We’ve looked at each of the points and why the matter.

9 out of 10 People are influenced by Positive Online Reviews
It has been known and accepted for a long time that buyers are influenced by recommendations more than they are by a convincing piece of sales copy or a great picture on a website.

Today’s article reaffirms this point, and offers an important piece of learning to any websites that are currently not utilising the power of reviews. This easy win can instantly gain trust for your business – particularly if your site has a high bounce rate among new visitors – and give your revenues a long-term boost.

You can implement your own testimonials or feedback section on your website, but on top of this you should also look to feature Verified Reviews or FeeFo on your website, as these are independent, therefore more genuine and likely to inspire sales to a greater extent.

81% of People are influenced by Friends When Making Purchases
This perhaps the most surprising statistic cited by Metro given that many of us would claim not be influenced by peer pressure.

While friends can share their reviews of your business through their social networks, simply having social sharing buttons on your product pages can make a huge difference to your visibility. It is easy to add a social sharing option to the end of the checkout process on an ecommerce site, while when collecting customer information you could even ask for their social media account details so you can reach out publicly and thank them for their purchase.

Say Joanne buys a product from your site, shares it on her social networks but also receives a communication from yourself, which she then shares again, and you have earned two social signals and a ton of exposure, in addition to a positive influence that we know works!

78% of People are influenced by Social Media Posts from Businesses
Given that most people will be influenced by friends online, it is not a real surprise that this statistic and the last one are so close together in percentage terms.

Although you might not have a social media presence, have previously had one and have given up on it, or don’t see what value it brings, such a high percentage of people being open to influence means you cannot afford to not be socially active.

Remember what posts are likely to be influential, too. Simply posting blog links 100% of the time is unlikely to influence people. You should share product pages, news and opinions from other great websites in your niche, and perhaps most importantly of all, take the time to share your followers’ own content and engage with them.

It is obvious that businesses not exploiting the integrated and social elements of digital marketing – specifically around product reviews and the harnessing of social networks – are missing a trick. Identify what you can do to improve and start to wield your influence online today!

If you need assistance or advice for setting up a review system for your website or would like us to set up and manage your social media accounts, contact Bough Digital now for a free quote.