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Difference between an Unnatural Links Penalty and Google Penguin

If you are confused regarding the differences between the Google Penguin algorithm update and an unnatural links penalty, then you do not need to think that […]

Useful Tips on How to Get Traffic on Social Media

In order to grow your business, you need traffic and not just any traffic will do. The traffic you want coming to your site is the […]

Get Organic Traffic For Your Law Firm

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Does User Generated Content Increase the Risk of a Spam Penalty?

When it comes to pursuing your sites’ SEO activities, you are probably of the mindset that user generated content is a good thing. After all, user […]

Google Doodles- A History

The Rise of the Google Doodle It has long been a fundamental principle of brand management that a company logo should never be tinkered with, and […]

How to do Mobile Keyword Research in 2013

The way in which we use mobile devices, our iPod, smartphone, tablet, or games console, is changing all of the time. All of these are playing […]

Tips For Raising The Conversion Rates of Web Pages

There are many techniques and strategies that a webmaster can use to increase the number of conversions that a landing page provides. The conversion rate of […]

How To Target Different Segments Without Diluting Your Brand Or SEO

It’s incredible to think that just a few short years ago, entire generations of consumers and businesses literally limped along in the fossilized age before the […]

Who’s the Most Popular Player in Wimbledon

As the debate lingers on about equal pay at the Wimbledon Championships, Bough Digital decided to take a look at who is actually the most popular […]