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Top 10 Tips You Can Learn From Heatmaps

When you’re running a webpage you quickly learn that even small changes can often lead to big results when it comes to conversions. It is important […]

What Are the Search Predictions of 2013?

What are the search predictions of 2013? Search engines are what guides visitors to the site that best meets their description and needs. With the search […]

How do Travel Agencies Optimise Their Sites for Search Engines

As it’s the Summer, here at Bough Digital we thought we’d get in the swing of things and talk about travel and holidays. It’s not all […]

6 Things You Should Never Do in Link Building

Even before the most recent Google Penguin update, link building was the hottest topic in the search industry. Today, fear of falling foul of an algorithm […]

Entrepreneur 2012 Event and Experiences

What is Entrepreneur 2012? Entrepreneur 2012 is an event held at London Excel between the 13th and 16th November, whereby successful entrepreneurs and public speakers provide […]

How to Write a Proposal for Websites Hit by a Traffic Loss?

Here at Bough Digital, we constantly receive questions and emails from companies that have just seen a massive reduction in website visitors. They basically want me […]

The Importance of Indexing and Internal Link Architecture

Today’s blog entry will focus on the positive effects that having a quality internal link architecture can have for your website. This internal link architecture has […]

Profiled: Who Exactly Are Bloggers?

If you’re familiar with link building as a form of search engine optimisation, you’ve probably had dealings with bloggers before. For those of you who are […]

Are The Recent Google Algorithms Killing Black-Hat SEO Agencies?

If you’ve never heard of Google and you’re currently reading this blog, then how did you even end up here? Although my egotistical brain would prefer […]