SEO Tips for Facebook Graph Search

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June 14, 2019
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SEO Tips for Facebook Graph Search

Social Media giant Facebook unleashed a new tool 2 weeks ago to its 1 billion + users. Although, you may not have yet heard of the new Facebook Graph Search, it might be best to get on board their waiting list. If you are looking to boost your business and get your name out to some new and unique customers, this would be a valuable tool for small business owners to excel on.

It’s simple and effective for businesses; the new Facebook Graph Search will simply take all user data information such as check-ins, likes, and photos and sifts through it to deliver you all the results based on your search query.

What Are the New Features?

The new Graph Search allows your business to attract new and unique visitors if used correctly. Not only can the new tool attract new customers to your business, but can also produce new employees/candidates. With its ability to find people based off their interests, past employers, birth dates and much more, it gives your business the opportunity to find the ideal employee. Whether you’d like to hire someone that has previously worked for one of your competitors or grab a recent graduate from a specific college, this tool can be of great help. The new tool excels to the top by allowing users to see restaurants, apps, and music that people like, giving users the ability to see your brand!

With technology constantly elevating, it is essential for almost all businesses to have a Facebook page. Although, just the page won’t drive traffic to your site or customers to your business, it takes work and energy to maintain and entertain your audience! Not only will good strategies drive visitors to your business but also get you indexed in the new Facebook Graph Search. If you don’t yet have a Facebook page for your business, be sure to set one up immediately.

With all the controversy spread out on the internet and regardless of predictions how this new tool will turn out for Facebook, we are going to provide you with the best SEO tips for the new graph search.

How can your business attract new visitors? We will break down how SEO can be incorporated with your Facebook Pages and take advantage of the new Facebook Graph Search tool.

The Tips:

#1: If you have a brick and mortar business, be sure to add and/or update your business address to your page settings. This will allow people to check in via Facebook places thus gaining you new publicity to their friends and more publicity in the search results.

#2: The like button has never been so valuable; with this new tool, you and users will now be defined by what you “like” and your interests. So be sure to like what you think your targeted audience would like. This allows you to be on the lists of people’s searches. As an example, if we at Bough Digital like Mashable and a user searches “people who like Mashable”, we can land a spot on the list, thus increasing our visibility. Don’t get overly excited and like any and every page on Facebook, but like trusted companies and the ones that target your ideal audience.

#3: Make sure your business page is clean, organized, and informative. This allows you to get indexed for as much as possible regarding your business and brand. Make sure the About Us section of your page is updated, informative and unique. Not only will this tactic help with the new graph tool but also in general with Google!

#4: Stay updated and engaged. Continuously updating your page, engaging your followers and interacting with unique visitors can tremendously benefit your business not only with this new tool, but in general as well. This tip will benefit your chances of being more at the top of the search query. The more people “like” your brand, the more chance of your page getting indexed with the new tool.

#5: Post photos regularly. Adding photos along with your status updates can help get indexed for many more search queries. Posting photos related to your industry can help achieve a broader audience. Photos will also help get visitors more engaged and entertained. Depending on the amount of times you update your page and the industry your business is in, we recommend a photo every other day.

It is still undetermined as to when this new addition will be released to all members and users, as the team at Facebook is still working on the details and full functionality for all its users. It would be most beneficial to be one of the first and beat your competition by getting on the waiting list. Once approved, swing into full gear and apply the provided tips above.

Make your page engaging. Take advantage of the tool now before their paid ads kick in. Currently there won’t be any paid ads available for companies, although it is still unsure of when, if ever, this will be incorporated in the new tool.

Tips for potential candidates: If you’re looking to advance and excel to a bigger company or better position, keep your account clean. Be honest but not too honest. Clean up your page and don’t post anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. You now might want to sift through those ancient pages that you liked years ago as it can now impact you and maybe even your future.

Technology and big brand networks are constantly changing or updating, so keeping up with this is essential. Small businesses often brush off the new tools until they see their competition is already on board. Changes are always flowing through, make sure you are a part of them!