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Develop powerful search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to maximise organic search engine results, build targeted keyword campaigns and drive effective business growth.

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True success lies in a 360-degree approach to digital marketing – get the best results for your business by combining our SEO tools and expertise with these other services.

Why Choose Us?.

Having worked with some of the world’s leading companies on over 400 successful SEO campaigns, we have continued to expand our SEO services so that no matter what you require for your business, you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to deliver on what you need.

Personalised Approach

We recognise that local businesses are all different, with individual goals and requirements. That is why we tailor our approach specifically to your local business, enabling us to achieve optimal results in terms of improving your local SEO strategy.

From SME To Multinational

Our strategies are tried and tested across businesses of all sizes - whether you’re a new startup, an established SME, or a multinational brand, Bough Digital can provide a marketing service that meets your needs.

Marketing Integration

We recognise that most local businesses already have established local SEO strategies and local links in place. That is why our goal is always to enhance what you already have rather than start from scratch.

Part of Your Team

We work closely with your business to seamlessly integrate into your culture, organization, and mission. Hire Bough Digital and we don’t just deliver bespoke marketing solutions - we become a dedicated part of your team.

Expertise And Experience

With over 20 years of experience within our management team and a history of working with some of the world’s largest companies, we have the expertise you need to drive results across any industry.

Exceptional Value

As a boutique agency, we don’t have the large overheads that our bigger competitors face - which means we can pass the savings on to you, ensuring you only pay for the work we deliver and no unnecessary extra costs.

Our Approach.

Tailored strategies for consistent SEO success

In today’s highly competitive environment, the importance of an effective SEO strategy has never been greater. Unlike most SEO agencies who might specialise in one aspect of SEO, we offer a holistic approach tailored specifically for your business. Once we identify what your business requires, our team of content and SEO experts will work to deliver tangible results toward increasing your business performance.

Keyword Research

Dynamic matching of potential keywords and phrases to target search engine algorithms

Content Creation

Increase brand awareness with tailored, relevant content

Technical SEO Performance

Robust evaluation of your website infrastructure and functioning

Data-Driven Analytics And Outcomes

Make informed marketing decisions based on intuitive data

Our Clients.

Our Process .

Discuss your needs, goals, and challenges to inform our personalised service.

Conduct market research to identify opportunities for growth and realistic targets.

Create an action plan for your personalised SEO campaign.

Implement your unique SEO strategy with targeted content and eCommerce SEO campaigns.

Report back with detailed analytics to support your keyword and SEO strategies going forward.

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Keyword Research

Technical SEO Performance

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Content Creation

Data-Driven Analytics and Outcomes


Frequently Asked Question .

1. What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation is the process of generating additional traffic and attention for a website and web pages. This is achieved by developing a website with the necessary features and functionality to obtain high search rankings across the various search engines on the internet. It is a vital component of any effective digital marketing strategy.

2. What types of SEO does Bough Digital offer?

As a leading SEO and digital marketing agency, Bough Digital offers a range of SEO packages suited for businesses of all types. On-page SEO will cover your meta description and content marketing. Our off-page SEO services will target competitor research and analysis. Through our technical SEO expertise your website will be fully optimised and functional. Finally, for smaller businesses just starting out, our local SEO strategies can give your business the vital boost it needs.

3. What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an on-page SEO marketing strategy that involves generating traffic and leads through informative added-value content. Every time a website or SEO company writes a blog post, films a video, or releases visual imagery, they engage in content marketing. It is an effective strategy to build a loyal audience or readership that will continue to take an interest in your products and services.

4. Why is SEO analytics important?

Analytics, like those provided by Google Analytics, enables a business to determine the success of its SEO marketing campaigns through objective data rather than subjective intuition. They are often used to inform future marketing decisions. For example, if a set of targeted blog posts have shown no improvement in terms of website traffic or click-through rates (CTRs), the business will know not to persist with that particular strategy.

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