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Learn how to identify what makes your competitors successful and how you can pinpoint areas of weakness or development to take advantage of.

Why Choose Us?.

Since our founding in 2010, Bough Digital’s industry experts have worked with local businesses across all industries to devise effective local SEO campaigns. Our tried and tested approach will guarantee to boost your local SEO efforts and help you find your local audience.

Personalized Approach

We recognise that local businesses are all different, with individual goals and requirements. That is why we tailor our approach specifically to your local business, enabling us to achieve optimal results in terms of improving your local SEO strategy.

From SME To Multinational

Our strategies are tried and tested across businesses of all sizes - whether you’re a new startup, an established SME, or a multinational brand, Bough Digital can provide a marketing service that meets your needs.

Marketing Integration

We recognise that most local businesses already have established local SEO strategies and local links in place. That is why our goal is always to enhance what you already have rather than start from scratch.

Part of Your Team

We work closely with your business to seamlessly integrate into your culture, organization, and mission. Hire Bough Digital and we don’t just deliver bespoke marketing solutions - we become a dedicated part of your team.

Expertise And Experience

With over 20 years of experience within our management team and a history of working with some of the world’s largest companies, we have the expertise you need to drive results across any industry.

Exceptional Value

As a boutique agency, we don’t have the large overheads that our bigger competitors face - which means we can pass the savings on to you, ensuring you only pay for the work we deliver and no unnecessary extra costs.

Our Approach.

Targeted competitor SEO analysis to identify exactly what they are doing well and how your business can take advantage of their limitations

Your business will almost certainly be in a competitive field or sector. Therefore, it is essential that you remain fully aware of the strategies your competitors employ in order to funnel a target audience in their direction.

Our approach does not just involve identifying the competitive SEO metrics, search volumes, and the strengths or weaknesses of your business rivals. We will also work in collaboration with you to ensure that your business is already doing everything it can to achieve domain authority and consistently high search engine rankings.

Competitor Identification

Pinpoint primary, secondary, and substitute competitors to your business

Keyword Research

Dynamic matching of potential keywords and phrases to target search engine algorithms

Competitor Research

Conduct thorough SEO competitive analysis on your identified competitors

Website Optimisation

Robust evaluation of your existing keyword data across your website infrastructure

Our Clients.

Our Process .

Discuss your needs, goals, and challenges to inform our personalised service.

Conduct market research to identify opportunities for growth and realistic targets.

Create an action plan for your personalised competitor analysis strategy.

Perform a holistic analysis to evaluate areas for improvement and growth.

Report back with detailed analytics to support your keyword and SEO strategies going forward.

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Competitor Identification

Competitor Research

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Keyword Research

Website Optimisation


Frequently Asked Question .

1. What is competitor analysis for SEO?

Competitor analysis involves researching and evaluating the other companies that share a business's given sector or niche. It will usually involve exploring a competitor's web content, social media presence and practices, and backlink and keyword strategies. It is used to identify limitations in a competitor's performance that be exploited. 

2. Why is competitor analysis important?

Competitive analysis is an important process a business must undertake in order to gauge where it places within the market. It can be used to identify highly effective competitor strategies that a business can look to emulate. It can also form part of a broader keyword and SEO strategy that will improve organic traffic and inform a business's own backlinks strategy.

3. How do I identify competitors?

The most effective way to identify competitors to your business is to utilise search directories and search queries. Make use of your most relevant keywords by seeing what comes up when these are entered into search engines. Those at the top of the first page will likely be your main competitors. You can also gauge opinions from your existing customer base to see if there are other places they go to for the services or products you offer.

4. What are the different types of competitors?

There are generally considered to be three types of competitors for a business. Direct business competitors offer similar products or services to your own business and will have the same target audience. Indirect competitors are those businesses in the same sector as yours but who offer a different product and replacement competitors have identified the same customer pain points your business is trying to solve, but they have different means to achieve this.

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