Why Choose Us?

Our keyword analysis is designed to look at many different possibilities for your website. Are the highest volume keywords the best ones for your brand to target? What are the opportunities for “easy wins” from low competition keywords?

Multiple Data Sources

We use multiple keyword data sources to ensure your keyword targeting is right for your business. This provides a holistic analysis to ensure efficiency in your keyword campaigns.

Competitor & Industry Analysis

Competitor and industry analysis; understand your position and what it will take to achieve your objectives. This allows us to prioritise keywords on your current position, brand and budget.

Content Clustering

We analyse your current website, and determine a strategy to match your content and page types to deliver on your campaign objectives.

Ongoing Reporting

We produce ongoing Client & Competitor Reporting so you know the impact of your campaign, and how you are comparing to your competitors and the industry.

Organic & Paid

We can produce keyword analysis for both organic and paid campaigns, allowing a more comprehensive and tailored approach depending on our clients objectives.

Keyword Variations

As part of our keyword analysis, we can provide exact match, phrase, and similar keywords analysed to maximise your organic search potential.

Our Process

  • Sourcing of raw keyword data for your business.
  • Review of your keyword data on a standalone basis, and in comparison to competitors and within your industry.
  • Analysis of current reality vs opportunities.
  • Quick wins, longer-term opportunities, and keyword gaps identified.
  • Keyword analysis report provided complete with recommendations and an action plan.
  • On-going optimization of pages and content to deliver keyword objectives.


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