Why Choose Us?

Whether as part of an on-going digital marketing campaign, a one off analysis and auditing project, or even as a training session, Google Analytics and Google Search Console contains a wealth of insights that can help you transform the performance of your brand online.

Detailed Insights

Receive detailed insights from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to highlight and gaps or opportunities to exploit for your business.

Organic Traffic

Discover how organic traffic gets to your website, and what visitors do when they get there. Bough Digital will analyse landing pages, bounce rates, click-through rates and more to seek new opportunities.

Prioritise Opportunities

We’ll suggest changes to your SEO strategy or website updates based on the data. In addition, Bough Digital will produce an action plan ranked by priority.

Training & Learning

We don’t just do the work, we aim to also educate the client. Therefore, we’ll show you how to find all the data you need from just a handful of Google Analytics screens.

Continuous Monitoring

Post-changes, we’ll continue to track the data so you can understand the impact of what we’re doing. The constant monitoring will also allow us to optimise the campaigns.

User Behaviour

We’ll help you identify why customers are leaving your site, not converting, or any other issues highlighted by the data. This will help improve your ROI!

Our Process

  • Complete a review of Google Analytics & Search Console data.
  • Apply any immediate fixes as appropriate.
  • Provide a detailed report and action plan based on our findings.
  • Work with you to implement the fixes, note these in Google Analytics, then track progress.
  • Use Search Console data to identify new keyword opportunities to inform and tweak the strategic keyword aspects of the SEO campaign.
  • On-going analysis of performance via analytics platforms throughout your SEO campaign.


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