Why Choose Us?

What are others in your industry doing to maximise their impact across social media? Do your competitors use social media to grow their brand? How much do they engage with their audience? Is social media essentially their customer service helpdesk?

Competitor Data

Discover what your competitors are doing across social media.

Industry Budgets

Understand the level of resource competitors are using to maximise their social presence.

Social Audience

Learn about your competitor’s social audience and how to capitalise on this knowledge.

Level of Engagement

 “Listen” to what competitors are saying and how engaged they are, and discover how to build this into your own social campaign.

Build Loyalty

Get the insight you need to grow your own social presence and build loyalty in your brand.

Experience & Expertise

With over 8 years agency experience, we have the expertise required to meet your objectives.

Our Process

  • Completion of detailed competitor social analysis.
  • Provision of all data related to your competitors’ social analytics.
  • Reporting document providing insights and action plan.
  • Identify what your competitors are doing well, and help you to maximise your own presence.
  • Use of insights to develop your own social media strategy across relevant social media platforms.
  • Help you to understand whether your competitors are predominantly targeting organic or paid social media campaigns.


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