Why Choose Us?

Due to the nature of social media, often a paid campaign is the only way to guarantee that your brand’s content gets the visibility and engagement you want it to. For even a small investment, you could put your brand in front of thousands of potential new customers.

Personalised Campaign

Tailored paid social media plan for your brand.

Social Platform Analysis

Analysis of which social platforms are best for your paid campaign.

Digital Marketing Integration

Your paid social media campaign linked to your SEO, email marketing, and other digital marketing efforts to ensure you maximise ROI potential.

Audience Optimisation

We’ll provide the research to create relevant audiences to maximise your paid social media budget and ROI.

Content Planning

We’ll write and plan all the updates required for your paid social media campaign.

High-Quality Designers

Designers available for cost effective production of rich media assets to increase campaign engagement.

Our Process

  • Discussion around your aims and objectives for your paid social media campaign.
  • Production of a tailored proposal built around your needs.
  • Production of paid social media strategy, including what to post, when to post it, and to what platform.
  • Creation of relevant audiences and segmentation to deliver your specific campaign message to the right people.
  • On-going analysis of paid social media campaigns to ensure objectives are being met.
  • Campaign messaging constantly tailored to deliver views, clicks, or another target metric.


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