Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

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June 14, 2019

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

With all of the social media networks available, getting your name out there or even entertaining your followers sometimes can be a bit tricky. Having profiles and accounts with sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be tough to keep a good reputation and gain some publicity.

The profiles you maintain on social media sites can have a great impact on your future and career. It’s all based on how well you manage your business or personal brand.

Whether it’s for personal use or business use, social media has now become an essential part in many lives. Businesses see their numbers going up and people see their job offers coming in. Maintaining your accounts and profiles take some work and thought, we made it a little easier, check out the tips below!

Personal Use:

Believe it or not, the theory of potential employers looking at your social media accounts is true. 37% of current employers look up their employees on social media sites. Your social media self can be the cause of a red flag. It’s no longer a place for just you and your friends; it has become your employers, teachers, and even schools! We are going to list the best social media do’s and don’ts to make your accounts a friendlier, brand-respected place.

Do keep calm and tweet on – Expressing your opinion can’t always do you good, whether it be a personal issue or a media issue, anger can sometimes arise and be raged on your profiles. Social media rage can result in a post you may regret. Think before you post, not post before you think.

Do keep people on lists – Facebook’s old but yet handy tool of lists is a gold mine for those looking to keep information for friends, only with friends. Facebook added the tool or a reason, to post specific information for specific people. Keep your personal and professional friends separate.

Do keep a consistent track record – Be sure to have your resume stay consistent with all the information on your social media accounts, specifically LinkedIn and Facebook. It doesn’t show a good sign if the history on your resume and social media information don’t match up.

Do join groups and lists – Facebook’s groups is a great way to interact and get to know people that can potentially have an impact on your professional future. Be sure to interact and stay active in the groups. Twitter’s lists are also a beneficial way to interact with fellow tweeters about topics, current events, and much more.

Do share other information on the web – If you come across an interesting article, video or even funny post, share it and entertain your followers and friends!

Don’t post negativity about current or past jobs – Employers don’t like this whatsoever, it doesn’t show maturity, respect or loyalty. Stay positive, in this situation it’s sometimes better to not say anything at all.

Don’t keep photos that come across as inappropriate – You might want to sift through all those photos from years ago and clean it up to keep it PG – 13.

Don’t post too much – Consistency and daily posts are essential but too much and multiple times a day can often be a little too much for your friends and followers to handel. This promotes people to ignore you and maybe even un-follow or un-friend you.

Don’t post about activities that are illegal – It may be cool to your friends but it certainly isn’t cool for your reputation. Not only can you face consequences of a bad reputation but also get in trouble with the law enforcement.

After all, with social media’s progressions each and every year, your profiles and accounts are no longer just a personal profile, they have become your personal brand and it’s important to maintain them

Business Use:

A lot of small businesses make mistakes on their social media accounts that can affect their reputation and even lose them potential customers. Maintaining a great following can benefit your business for the future as well. If you are offering a new service or launching a new product, you have an entire following to announce it to! Follow the tips below to make a bigger and brighter profile!

Do interact with your followers – This consists of sharing posts, retweeting tweets, answering questions and even mentioning them! Such little as a retweet can get their attention. Promote other interesting articles, videos, and tips, even if they are on a website that isn’t yours, most followers will remember how they got there.

Do keep your pages squeaky clean – Navigating a business’s social media profile should be easy and enticing. Fill out all the information these sites ask for such as addresses, websites, about us, phone number, etc and update regularly.

Do thank your followers – It’s good to stay on top of how your followers are treating and sharing your pages. If you notice a mention, new follow/like, or retweet be sure to respond and thank them! Followers love this kind of attention.

Don’t neglect your followers – If one of your followers has a question regarding your business or services be sure to reply, either in a comment or a tweet! Not only does this keep them satisfied but also keeps them engaged and keeps you fresh in their memory. If the issue is more in-depth be sure to contact them personally to resolve the matter professionally through email.

Don’t be inconsistent – Make sure your brand stays consistent across all social media platforms. Inconsistency isn’t professional and people may not take your business seriously. Make sure all information and graphics are the same.

A lot of businesses neglect their presents on social media sites at a time when it’s most crucial to have. It gives past customers the ability to recommend friends to your business and also gains new business by total strangers! If you don’t understand social media for businesses or simply don’t have time, outsourcing this area of your business can be tremendously beneficial and also relieve you of some time and stress.