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What is a Site Wide Link?

A site wide link is a link that appears on every page of a website. Site wide linking had previously been used as a black hat SEO technique in the days when the quantity of links is what mattered most to Google’s algorithm. This is because if you had a link to your blog on …

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What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the text that you click on when navigating the internet via a hyperlink. For example, in the sentence, visit for SEO services, the anchor text is ‘ for SEO services.’ When link building, it is important to use a range of anchor text so that you don’t look like you’re trying …

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Does PR Matter?

In the past, many webmasters and site owners have looked to pursue PageRank (PR) as the focal point of their SEO activities. While chasing PR alone was never seen as a worthwhile approach, people are now asking whether PR matters at all. Part of the reason questions are being asked is because Google haven’t updated …

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How Often Does Google Update Page Rank?

In the past, Google has usually updated PageRank (PR) on average every three months. However, the most recent update to PR came in February 2013, leading to speculation that Google are dropping PR from their algorithm, although Google haven’t made any comment.

What are “Supplemental” Results?

Supplemental results are web pages featured in search results that come after the main rankings. Supplemental content allows the search engines to feature as much content as possible, but means that they can still focus on providing browsers with the most relevant, high quality results first. Unless you’ve been using doorway pages or have lots …

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What is Page Rank?

PageRank (PR) is a method used by Google to determine the quality of links pointing at a website, and therefore the perceived importance of such a site online. PR is scored from 0 to 10, with only a very few websites having a PR of 10. Even Facebook and Google have a PR of ‘only’ …

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