Tips for Integrating Social Media with SEO

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June 13, 2019
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Tips for Integrating Social Media with SEO

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Social Media has become a part of business. You have to understand what Social Media is before you will be able to use it for your business. Social Media is not just an information website. Social Media allows you to interact as well as receive information from that website. You can give your view or comment on the website that you are receiving information from.

With so many types of Social Media sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Facebook, Twitter and others, you can incorporate these Social Media sites to get your word out there. This means you can advertise your business, product or ideas by using Social Media and SEO.

SEO is another question that many people are asking about. What exactly is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a way to get traffic to your site by using search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engine sites. To get your website to the top of these popular search engines is what businesses want to do. You want your website to be displayed at the top of a search page so that the user goes to your website first.

How do you get your website at the top of the search engine page? There are several ways to get your website at the top of the rankings. The first way is great content on your site along with links. The content that you use should have the appropriate keywords in place. The keywords are what will bring you traffic.

This is where your SEO comes in. Your keywords must reflect the type of site you have. If you are selling a product that has bunny slippers, bunny slippers would be your keywords, but to enhance the SEO you can have keywords that are fluffy white bunny slippers. This is how you use SEO and keywords for your website.

How can you integrate Social Media with SEO? With the information provided and the simple tips, you will be able to start integrating Social Media with SEO.


1. If you don’t have a corporate profile on Facebook, then you should create one. Facebook has over a billion users. Create your corporate or business profile on Facebook, and then start your content and blogs. You need to update your account often by using your SEO. This will not only rank you higher in search engines, but also drive traffic to your site.

2. Post your blogs on your site, but also on other popular social book marketing sites. When you post these blogs, don’t forget to use back-links. The back-links will drive traffic back to your website. This will also give you an advantage of monitoring comments that people leave for your website.

3. Add the “Like” tab to your Social Media site. The “Like” tab will let customers interact with what you are saying or promoting. This will also allow you to be on the list of customers’ searches that they are performing.

4. You should also add the “Share” tab to your Social Media site. Your fans and customers will be able to “Share” what you are saying, promoting and images. This is an excellent way to promote your product, business and drive traffic to your site.

5. Have an established following on your Social Media site. It’s like a chain reaction that helps with your SEO.

6. Use the accurate SEO keywords that you know your customers are using. This will give you multiple options in the search engines results.

7. Incorporate email marketing with your Social Media. Ask your email subscribers to share. Add email marketing along with your blog. Be faithful with your email marketing by doing it regularly.

8. Ask your satisfied customers to leave a positive comment. This lets other customers know how your company does business and how other customers relationships with your company is being performed.

9. Add an App. Apps are being used by everyone. The customers are able to access your site by just simply clicking on the App on their smart phone.

10. Post photos on your Social Media. This keeps your page updated and your visitors engaged in the photos that you are posting. Photos have been proven to be more engaging than regular posts.

These are some simple tips on how you can integrate Social Media with SEO. The tips are easy to do, but must be done regularly if you want to succeed with your Social Media and your site. You must remember that you can’t just create a Social Media page, and then never update it. You have to use your SEO keywords that reflect your site. Do your blogs and content daily using the SEO keywords.

Keep your Social Media page interesting. Nobody wants to follow a Social Media page that is boring and offers nothing. Add photos and videos often. Make these photos and videos interesting and captivating. Visitors will want to keep coming back to see what the new video or photos that you have posted. This will also open the door to interaction with your visitors. Try to interact with visitors with comments. Listen to your followers and use any advice given by your visitors.

By doing these simple things you will be able to use your Social Media with SEO to get your site ranked higher. It does take dedication and time, but in the long run when you start to see results you will be glad you did it. Check for the appropriate keywords for your SEO and use these keywords.

You can take integrating Social Media with SEO to the next level and be successful. Social Media isn’t just for friends. Many big businesses are using Social Media to promote their business. You can do this as well. Take a lesson from the big businesses. Use SEO along with your Social Media to be ranked in all the search engines.