Tips For Raising The Conversion Rates of Web Pages

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June 13, 2019
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Tips For Raising The Conversion Rates of Web Pages

There are many techniques and strategies that a webmaster can use to increase the number of conversions that a landing page provides. The conversion rate of a landing page is particularly important, and a higher conversion rate will lead to many more sales and much more revenue for the website or business.

Ensure The Landing Page Catches A Visitor’s Eye

One of the most important things to consider is whether or not a landing page catches a person’s eye. Utilizing flashy colors, having a well-designed page, and using words and phrases that will entice the customer to read on are all important.

Make A Clear Purpose For The Page

A landing page that is selling a product or service should have a clear purpose. Avoid having different navigational links or links to other articles or blog posts on a landing page. A landing page should be about the specific benefits, advantages and important selling points of a product or service that the webmaster wants to sell.

Add A Video Or A Talking Advertiser

Videos have been shown to greatly raise the conversion rate of a landing page. While videos aren’t good ideas for all landing pages, they can be exceptionally effective for landing pages in most niches.

Have the video start automatically when a visitor lands on the webpage. The idea of a video is to quickly catch the visitor’s attention and interest.

By having the video start automatically with something interesting, they will be enticed to listen to more. If a person doesn’t want to watch the video, they can pause it; however, a person can always go back to the video on the landing page to find out more information.

Utilize Effective Calls To Action

A call to action, or a “CTA”, is a very important part of any landing page. Calls to action must be effective for a landing page to be successful. A call to action should be a phrase that encourages a visitor to buy a product or service, and it should convince them that now is the time to act.

One proven way to gauge the efficacy of a certain type of CTA is find out the percentage of visitors who have visited the checkout page. If the percentage of visitors who have been to the checkout page is high, it’s likely that the particular call to action is effective.

Use Multiple Calls To Action Throughout The Landing Page

Different people buy at different points on a landing page. Some people will read through the entire landing page before deciding to buy a product or service, and some people will buy a product or a service after reading the first few benefits and advantages.

Place multiple calls to action and multiple links to the checkout page throughout the content of the landing page. Placing them strategically after certain benefits have been listed or after a testimonial has been given on the page is particularly effective.

Talk About Discounts On A Landing Page That Sells Products Or Services

If people know that the price for a product or a service has been lowered for a limited time and may go up again, they are likely to buy immediately. This is an old strategy, yet this strategy is still very effective.

The landing page should give customers a small discount on the product or service, and it should talk about how the discount is only a limited time offer from the website.

Use Many Pictures

People like to see pictures of what they’re buying or what they’re signing up for. By having more pictures, a person will easily connect their thoughts about the benefits and advantages of the product or service to the product or the service itself. Show pictures of the product or service in action, and have pictures of someone using the product or service successfully.

Use Graphs And Charts That Show Proven Results

Graphs and charts that show proven results will help to convince a customer that they will get the results they’re looking for, and they definitively prove that a product or service has been used successfully.

For example, a landing page that sells a trading software should have several different graphs and charts showing proven success with the software. The graphs and charts should show excellent results in different conditions and at different times.

Mix Benefits And Advantages With Proven Results

Placing important benefits and advantages directly under a graph or chart which shows proven results has been shown to be exceptionally effective in increasing conversions. By placing the selling points of the product or service directly around the chart showing proven success, a person will instantly correlate those incredible results with the product or service.

Utilize Testimonials

Studies have shown that personal testimonials are weighed much more heavily by people than statistics. Add three or four personal testimonials to the landing page, and space the testimonials out among the landing page. By spacing them out, a person is more likely to read each one in detail.

By following these practices, a webmaster can quickly increase conversions for a landing page in any niche.

Paul Coulter of Toronto, ON is a digital marketing and SEO expert. Follow Paul Coulter on Pinterest.