Top 10 LinkedIn Groups for Finance Professionals

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June 4, 2019
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Top 10 LinkedIn Groups for Finance Professionals

Not only is LinkedIn an important social network from a B2B digital marketing perspective, it is also brilliant when used for what many see as its primary purpose: networking with professionals.

While some people prefer to adopt the “connect with anyone” approach using LinkedIn, others opt for the more organic approach. In the first instance, this involves connecting with friends and people that you work with, or have worked with in the past. The second way to grow your network is to spend some time in LinkedIn groups, posting your favourite articles from across the internet but also engaging in some thought leadership and discussions with others from your industry.

Using LinkedIn groups effectively can help you to find business and employment opportunities, inspire you with ideas and initiatives that you can put to use in your current role, and give you an easy way to engage with global influencers, all on top of perhaps gaining some new trusted connections.

The finance industry is one of the most prominent on LinkedIn, and as such there are many groups to choose from, some with hundreds of thousands of members. While many people will naturally gravitate to the LinkedIn groups that have the most members, it is prudent to consider looking at other groups that have fewer active members, as this could potentially give you more opportunity to grow your influence and have your voice heard.

Here are our top 10 recommended LinkedIn groups for finance professionals.

1. Finance Plus: Private Equity, Venture Capital, and M&A News
With over 307,000 members, this group is certainly one of those that is useful for listening rather than trying to cut through the noise. That said, not every discussion posted in the group inspires dozens of replies, which is understandable given just how much content is placed here.

This is your opportunity to capitalise and join the discussion; if there are conversations with no engagement and the subject matter is specific to your field, take the chance to interact and influence!

The Finance Plus LinkedIn group is run alongside the website that shares its name.

2. Finance Club
Finance Club is a private LinkedIn group, which means you can be confident any spammers have been identified and denied entry before they get as far as clogging up your timeline!

This particular group has almost half a million members from across the finance industry, and is known for the high engagement levels seen across almost everything that is posted to it. For finance professionals that are always looking at their key performance indicators and are passionate about finding more deals and becoming even better at what they do; this group features these points within its introductory “About” blurb.

Find the conversations relevant to your specific sector of the finance industry, and get started!

3. Private Equity and Venture Capital Group
A group that does what it says on the tin, and a perfect place to interact and engage for anyone wanting to discuss these particular niche areas of the finance industry.

Another popular group, with just shy of 200,000 members at the time of writing, Private Equity and Venture Capital Group features a diverse combination of job postings, deals, and news from across the sector.

The group’s top contributors are all in senior roles, too, so joining this group is definitely an opportunity to make a name for yourself.

4. Angel Investor Group
This is one of the smaller popular finance related groups, with just over 30,000 members, making it easier to get your content and opinions in front of some very influential individuals from some top companies around the world.

As with Finance Club, Angel Investor Group is a private group, and also aims to help investors find better deals and assist those looking for investment who want to connect with potential investors themselves.

5. Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountant is a simple, no-frills type of group with a similar approach to how it is managed.

Billed as somewhere for chartered accountants to connect and share knowledge, new ideas, and experiences, the group has less than 20,000 members at the time of writing, making it a great place to head if you’re looking to meet others in your field.

Although it is a group founded in India, it isn’t a low quality spammers paradise, and features prominent members from some of the world’s biggest and best known financial institutions.

6. Accredited Investors Network
Many finance professionals in the investment sector as well as entrepreneurs and business owners seeking investment often speak of how difficult it is to find what they’re looking for. Usually, this means each other in the case of both parties.

While there are many brilliant online platforms that help to bring genuine investors and those seeking investment with genuine opportunities together, the Accredited Investors Network is the place to go on LinkedIn if you fall into either category.

This group is relatively small, with just over 5,500 members, so you’ll find it easier than usual to find the deal or the investor you want.

7. Private Wealth Management
Private wealth and asset management is one of the biggest sub-sectors of the finance industry, and the open Private Wealth Management LinkedIn group is a great place for wealth and asset managers to connect and share tips and ideas from their niche.

Members of the group will also find employment and business opportunities in addition to thought leadership and breaking news from across their industry.

8. Global Emerging Markets Forum
While professionals from a range of industries have an interest in emerging markets for a wide variety of reasons, this particular group, the Global Emerging Markets Forum, is tailored specifically for finance professionals looking to discuss deal and investment opportunities in emerging markets or the general economic performance of these countries.

The group says it aims to differentiate itself from others with a similar focus by specifically featuring development opportunities in these different regions.

9. Banking, Finance, & Capital Markets Law
The legal profession and the finance industry can often operate in close proximity to each other, and this LinkedIn group is the perfect one for any professionals who work across the two, whether they’re full-on finance lawyers or finance professionals with an eye on the litigation side of their processes.

With less than 5,000 members, this is a very niche group, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for individuals to make their mark and become an influencer.

10. Deal Flow Network
The Deal Flow Network group is smaller than the similar Deal Flow Source Network group, the lower membership number making it our final recommended group owing to the enhanced influencing opportunities within a very similar selection of content.

The one downside of the group is that they may cite you as a partner on their website or affiliate sites, which means you should avoid it if you potentially don’t want this to happen. At the same time, if you’re open to this, it could prove an opportunity for you and your business to become well known on top of the actions you will take within the group to enhance your reputation.

Using LinkedIn Groups
If you’re a user of LinkedIn groups, there are clear advantages for you to enjoy versus fellow professionals who are not yet using these platforms to make their presence felt.

LinkedIn’s own statistics say that professionals that are active in groups achieve up to four times more profile views versus those that do not. In an industry such as finance, where having a personal connection with a fellow professional can make it that much easier to get things moving, your LinkedIn group activity could be the difference between you being an average performer and an exceptional one.

If you are a finance professional or work in any other industry and are struggling to make the most of your presence on LinkedIn or any other social network, contact Bough Digital now for a discussion about your personal or business social strategy, or check out our social media services pages.