Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2013

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Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2013

With so many great social media blogs available to read online, it is somewhat ironic that many people forget that blogging itself is a form of social media. However, because blogging and, in a bigger way, social media have become their own specific monsters in recent years, they are often seen as being different. Today, blogging would probably be lumped into the content marketing strand of digital marketing by most people, but then of course social media falls into that bracket, too.

While there is no doubt that social media will continue to fall into a variety of different areas in 2014 depending on peoples’ perception of the various platforms, it will make no difference to the range of high quality blogs that cover the subject that we can all enjoy. Here are the 10 blogs we’ve most enjoyed reading in 2013; ensure they’re on your reading list and in your RSS feeds for the year ahead!

1.Social Fresh

Social Fresh is a great blog, with contributions made from social bloggers from around the world, meaning the site always has a diverse mix of opinions and covers a variety of social platforms, techniques, and ideas for strategy and campaign planning.

You can also find out about upcoming events around the world and any social media training that is available, making it easy to take your social strategy to the next level.

2.Boom Social

If you are sick of reading social media related blogs that seem to take forever to get to the point, and want something that just lays out what you need to do and the reasons why, then Boom Social is definitely a blog for you. In addition to being a great blog, you can also take advantage of a variety of training, products, and services that are available, as well as discovering when and where you can meet Kim Garst, the site’s founder.

3.Lighthouse Insights

When most people think of digital marketing and India, they’ll think of how many Western businesses outsource their various activities to the country to take advantage of cheaper costs. However, Indian businesses themselves are giants of social media, and the Lighthouse Insights website is the most popular in the country. Although the specific focus is on social media activities in India, several great posts can provide useful insight and ideas for businesses and individuals around the world.

4.Razor Social

Razor Social is one of the best community websites about social media on the internet, featuring advice, ideas, step-by-step guides and tutorials, and many other great resources that anyone looking to build and execute a social media campaign should be using.

In addition to social media advice, there are also handy guides related to SEO and content marketing, making it a good “all in” site for anyone looking to pick up information and ideas from one place.

5.Pushing Social

Pushing Social is another blog that gets straight to the point. One thing great about this particular blog is that is looks at current news stories and events, particularly those concerning big online companies, and then puts it into a “What you can learn” perspective for readers to go away and influence their own social media or wider digital marketing activities.

6.60 Second Marketer

Anyone looking for a collection of blogs, eBooks, videos, and tutorials would be well served to look at 60 Second Marketer. While the focus of the site is on social media, like Razor Social you will also find some great advice and ideas that stretch across the whole digital marketing spectrum.

7.Social Media Today

We’re now moving into the blogs that would be best described as more mainstream. Social Media Today describes itself as a collection of “The world’s best thinkers on social media,” and it is difficult to disagree with that assessment. Whether you want general news related to social media as an overall umbrella or want to read something specific about a certain social network, you’ll find it all here.

One important feature of Social Media Today is that it also looks beyond social strategy and helps you to think about branding, social identity, and measuring return on investment, among other things.

8.Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is a fun, almost irreverent at times, site in the way it is presented, but there is no question it is one of the best when it comes to the information provided. It is also one of the best sites for linking out to other great blogs, including some of the others we’ve featured here, so you are always assured of reading the best possible range of information on the site.


Mashable is a familiar name to many and an undisputed leader when it comes to digital and tech as a general entity. Their social specific section is definitely worth a read, with a handful of new stories and blogs posted daily so you are always up to date on what is happening in the world of social media.

10. Digital Trends

The final site in our list, Digital Trends, is another that looks at the wider digital marketing and products industry but is also home to a great social media sub-section. Its main selling point is that it is often different in terms of content from the other sites on this list, although it does mean you might read the odd post that doesn’t give you much value. That said, when something on Digital Trends is good, it can be a massive help.

What are your favourite social media blogs, and are there any resources not mentioned here that you find to be valuable? At Bough Digital we offer a range of social media services for any business or entrepreneur looking to get their message out to the widest possible audience.