What Are the Search Predictions of 2013?

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What Are the Search Predictions of 2013?

What are the search predictions of 2013? Search engines are what guides visitors to the site that best meets their description and needs. With the search engines always changing and improving, what will the search engines be providing? Will it be easier to search? Can marketing still be achieved with search engines?

Search engines are available on smart phones, the iPad and every electronic device now. The amount of information that a user needs depends on the search and the search engine. What will the effect be and what are the search predictions of 2013?


1. Web Analytics will focus from business to customers. What this means is that the search engines now focus on the business. The business products, content, keywords and association of the business with web analytics will shift towards the customer. The customer interactions will play a major part in the change of search in 2013.

2. Social Media will be a must have for search in 2013. Social media has become the road of advertising. Facebook is one example. When your friends purchase something online and post on what a great deal they got, it becomes visible for others to visit that site, thus creating more traffic for the site. You can see here the value of social media for search in 2013.

3. Available data will be tremendous in 2013. The available data that a business can create will be unlimited. A business will be able to create, publish and share data. This information will be available through the search engines in 2013. There will be no questions left unanswered with the amount of data that you will be supplied from the search.

4. Mobile devices will be put in place for search in 2013. With the majority of people using mobile devices, then the next thing is to have it easily accessed on mobile devices. A search will be done in just seconds with mobile devices.

5. Amazon will start an advertising business. This is being predicted for search predictions of 2013. What does this mean? Amazon will start running their own advertising business which could be compared to Microsoft. It has been started, but Amazon plans on breaking it out in 2013 and making the business more data driven as well as informational.

6. Google and Social Media come together. What this could mean is that Facebook, for example and Google would have instant social media and community. This can change the search of businesses and social media combining the two together creating an instant fan base, followers and access to top ranked sites.

7. The access of site through search with just one or two words. This can make a dramatic change in the way that SEO is run. Keywords and content on social media sites as well as websites can change by the way a search is conducted. When you have to put in a couple of words, then the top ranked sites will appear.

8. Google will penalize websites that are using spamming techniques in 2013. Those sites that use fresh content will rank higher as Google will start to focus on the sites that are using spamming technology to get to the top of rankings. Google will be able to spot the spam faster and quicker than in the past years.

9. Mobile marketing will become essential in search in 2013. In the past year if you have used mobile marketing as a way to draw in customers, then you know the importance of it. Many marketers are now seeing that it isn’t a luxury to use this option, but a way to draw in extra customers and business. Mobile marketing will become a very major search in 2013.

10. Web search engines and Apps search merging into one is a prediction of search in 2013. With so many Apps being pushed at consumers, there needs to be one that combines web search engines and Apps into one. This would make it easier for the user as well as the search engine. This is a prediction of search in 2013 that this will be done by a well-known company along with Google.

There are many search predictions for 2013, but the main thing is how this will affect your searching ability along with your business. How will you be able to have your business at the top of the search engine rankings? This is what many businesses want to know. With everyone using a search engine, whether it is Google or Bing, you want to find what you are looking for the fastest way.

The changes in technology happen often and so will search in 2013. All we can do is wait and see what changes will be announced and how it will affect those who use search. The most important change in search of 2013 is the way it is conducted. This is how many businesses conduct and depend on their websites being visited. You want your site at the top.

There are many predictions of search in 2013. Many can speculate what will happen. There can be leaks, but until we see an announcement by the search engines, they continue to remain predictions. For now, we can only wonder and hope about some expected changes in search in 2013.

With the use of mobile devices being used more in 2013, the home computer is coming extinct. The search needs to be compatible and easy to use for these mobile devices.

Google is the most popular search on the internet and is always making improvements to their search. When Google will be announcing a change in search in 2013 and what the change will bring to all those who use Google, remains to be seen!