Which Player wins the Google Golden Boot?

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Which Player wins the Google Golden Boot?

After years of anticipation, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is finally here.

Everyone has their opinion on who will lift the trophy, who the surprise packages will be, and which players will light up the tournament with their skills and goals.

Given that we currently have English, Spanish, and German employees working in the office, it would quickly turn “Messi” if we turned this into a predictions column.  Instead, we decided that there’s really only one way to settle the winner of the Google Golden Boot – but we were a little naughty and included an Englishman alongside the world’s top footballers!

Who Are we Rating?

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Argentina’s Lionel Messi, and Uruguay’s Luis Suarez are widely accepted as the best three footballers in the world right now, so were automatic picks for our test.  Brazilian golden boy Neymar is widely feted as the next big global footballing superstar, and is seen as Brazil’s “must perform” player if they’re to win it on home soil, so had to be included.

We then included our own Wayne Rooney – more because we could rather than for footballing reasons – while also adding Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic into the mix, owing to the fact he isn’t going to Brazil with his country, owing to a play-off loss to Portugal at the end of 2013.

So, without further ado, it is time to reveal the winner of the Google Golden Boot.

Data based on Google US from SEMRush.


As you can see, Cristiano Ronaldo easily takes home the honours, amassing a huge 700,500 searches in the last month based on the data sample we used.  This dwarfed the still impressive 520,100 searches that were racked up for Lionel Messi, and there is then a predictably sharp dip down to 249,500 for Neymar.

Wayne Rooney (138,600 searches) will be delighted to be more popular in Google than Luis Suarez (76,500 searches), although we’re not sure why the platform sent back “latino hunks” as a related search term for England’s number 10!

As much as Zlatan Ibrahimovic might get a lot of love on Twitter – as well as never being short of a nice word or two to say about himself – based on the Google data he won’t be missed that much in the next month.

In addition to checking out search volume, we thought it’d be great to see who has the highest “transfer value” based on the latest PPC data.

The results here will surprise you.

In what might be England’s only victory – though we hope not – in the next month, Rooney romps home with almost double the cost per click of nearest rival Messi.  Search darling Ronaldo doesn’t even make the top three, being beaten by Neymar in this measure, although Suarez and Ibrahimovic are again also-rans this time.

The Verdict

So, that’s who takes Google’s Golden Boot, it’s now time to be brave and ask the office who they think will win.

Karl Tippins

“Despite being an Englishman I’m realistic about our chances, so I’d love to see Spain win yet another tournament but think this might be one too far for them.  I think Argentina will win it with Sergio Aguero for the real Golden Boot to make it a blue and white double.”

Joaquin Gomez

“As a Spaniard I want Spain to win, but if we can’t do it then Argentina because I’m a Barcelona fan and would like to see Lionel Messi pick up the trophy.  However, I think Brazil win and Luis Suarez wins the Golden Boot.”

Robert Reeve

“If not England then I’d be happy with a German victory, but think Argentina will win with Sergio Aguero to win the Golden Boot.”

Saleem Rawn

“England all the way is who I’d like to win it, but think Brazil will win and Thomas Múller to become the first player to win the Golden Boot back-to-back.”

Hannah Oehl

“I’d love my country Germany to go and win it, and we definitely have a chance.  If not us, then I think Spain or Brazil will win, and also think Thomas Múller will win the Golden Boot.”

Who do you think will win the World Cup? And will the reality reflect in changing search trends during the course of the tournament?